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What is Hot Water Bag And Types

A hot water bag is a kind of rubber bottle filled with hot water with a stopper on the top, which is used to provide warmth to the body. Keeping it on different parts of the body helps to alleviate pain and discomfort. The Best hot water bags are generally available in flat form thickly lined rubber bags.

These little handy bags should be kept in every house as it helps to soothe in everyday pains like stomach cramps, back pain, headache, etc.

History of Hot water bag

Bulletin United States National  hot water bottle
American pottery hot water bottle

Indian rubber hot water bags were in use in Britain as early as 1875. Modern conventional hot water bags patented in 1903 and are manufactured of natural rubber or PVC. However, by the late 20th century its market declined.

With the advancement of technology, not only homes were better heated but various kinds of equipment like electric blankets came into use which reduced the use of hot bags. Although it was still a popular alternative in countries like Chile and Japan.

Types of Hot Water Bag

There are different types of rubber bags available in India, some common types are the following:

1. Small hot water bag:

This is a comfortable heating bag which can work without filling water in every few hours. Plugging this bag for 5 to 10minutes can heat it up sufficiently for use up to 2 hours.

2. Cold/hot Water bag:

This can be used for either purpose- hot and cold therapy sessions. For hot therapy, one can fill this bag with hot water and for the other one, it can be filled with ice cubes along with water.

Since this bag is made of heavy-duty material, the fabric will not get damaged with regular wear and tear.

3. Rubber bag:

This is a regular and the most commonly used rubber bag. The soft portion outside the bottle ensures comfort and protection. Since it does not leak one can easily use it to get rid of back pain, muscle pull, menstrual cramps, etc.

4. Electric Heating bag:

This bag works on gel heating technology. So, it keeps us free from the problem of feeling hot water in it. It efficiently retains heat and gives relief to muscular pain. The back heats up within a few minutes of plugging it into the electrical socket.

Usage of hot water bags:

As mentioned earlier, hot water bag serves a very useful purpose to us in our everyday life. Its main benefit is is that it is relatively safe and easy to handle. It keeps us warm and comfortable and keeps us from aches or pain.

Also, used to provide relief in shoulder pain, muscle pain, knee pain, menstrual cramps, and stomach ache. Nowadays, in the modern fashionable age, it is also used on winter days to keep us warm.

Some of the best hot water bag brands in India are-

  1. Flamingo
  2. Apollo pharmacy
  3. Easy care
  4. Equinox
  5. Hicks

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