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Best hair dryer buying guide and tips

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There are a few points to keep in mind when selecting a hairdryer. The right hair dryer can elevate your look to the likes of a runway model, the wrong one can leave your hair looking like Cruella Devile. 

What is a hair dryer?

A hairdryer is an electromechanical device that blows hot air of varying degrees at your hair to dry it out and style it. They were invented in the late 19th century. Alexander F. Godefroyis credited for creating the first stationary model in his salon in France. While at first, only professional salons had them, they have become a household item used by all for various purposes, excluding the easy drying and styling of hair.

Difference Between Hair Dryer And Blow Dryer 

There are a few critical differences between blow dryers and hair dryers. 


A hairdryer is meant to dry your hair. It produces more hot air in less concentrated amounts intentionally indicated to increase the temperature around your hair and dry it. 

A blow dryer produces more concentrated amounts of less hot air, meant to shape and style your hair with ease as it slowly dries. 


A hairdryer is an electric device that heats itself with a metal coil. The other parts may vary based on price range and function, but it is essentially an electric wire round repeatedly, and an electric current is passed through it to heat it.

A blowdryer is heated with ceramic components to ensure quick, even heating. It is an excellent alternative for users who want to style their hair more often and change its type from straight to curly or vice versa. The far-infrared heat locks in hair’s moisture, while the negative ions seal the cuticle to deliver shiny, frizz-free results.

Why do we need a hairdryer?

We need a hairdryer for various reasons. 

  • Keeping a handheld tool that can dry your hair in a pinch and dry other things like clothes, towels, etc. is useful.
  • They are also used to style your hair, and the heat ensures it maintains its style for a longer duration. 
  • Blow Dryers play an essential role in every haircut and hair styling process for a multitude of reasons.
  • The primary being they pre-mould your hair in the general style you want.
  • They are an incredibly effective method of drying your hair and removing unnecessary moisture without creating frizz or split ends.
  • It also adds volume to your hair. 

Best hair dryer buying guide and tips

Hair Type 

If your hair is curly and thick, it needs more heat and higher settings to properly set your hair. Opt for an ionic hair dryer or a high powered electric hair dryer. You could even use a dryer with a diffuser.

If your hair is thin or severely damaged by sun and hair products, it is better to take a low heat option like ceramic ones. The ceramic dryers maintain even heat and will ensure that no extra damage is caused to your hair. 

If you plan on using your hair dryer as a regular part of your routine, it is advisable to invest in a good quality hair dryer that suits your hair type.  


Hair dryers can take a lot of wattage depending on the type you purchase. Professional hair dryers that carry multiple settings can carry over 3000 watts and break the budget on your electricity bill. Regular small hair dryers can take anywhere from 1300 to 1800 watts and are well worth the expenses.


Some hair dryers come with a lot of options. You can change the temperature and the speed of the airflow and even direct the airflow in different directions to shape your hair. However with the extra motor attachments they are also heavier and require more power as stated before. If you want all the options go for a higher end model with these settings and use them to style your hair in a variety of ways. If not, you can opt for simpler hair dryers with just a speed setting dial to increase and decrease the pace of the wind. 

Add Ons

You can add attachments to your hair dryers. These attachments can concentrate or spread the air from the hair dryer as you desire. They can also act as a diffuser to spread serum on your hair. You can purchase these attachments separately as you need them or get an entire set with the hair dryer of your choice to suit your needs.


Till you switch it on, you will not know the level of noise your hair dryer generates. However, size is your best guess at figuring out how loud it might be. Older hair dryers also tend to have worn out silencers and hence are louder than their modern counterparts. Always read customer reviews before you pick a hair dryer if noise is a deterrent for you. 


If you travel a lot, it is best to purchase a smaller, travel – friendly hair dryer that is water resistant and battery operated. You can also find options that fold or break in compact pieces for easy storage. 

If you intend to use it in a single space, always check your space availability and buy one of your choice.

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