Food Items In Our Home For Stopping Hairloss

Pumpkin Seeds

It helps in hair growth and also removes dandruff. It is very healthy and boosts our immunity. It relaxes your heart and helps you sleep better.


It also increases the volume of our hair. It helps to remove hair lice, roughness and makes the hair smooth.

Egg Yolk

It is packed with nutrients and proteins like vitamin A and D, biotin. It can be applied to scalp as a treatment for hair loss, which makes the hair healthy and glossy.


It has a richness of nutrients that prevents hair loss and makes the hair growth stronger. It makes our hair stronger and increases the volume.

Sweet Potatoes

It is an essential ingredient that prevents hair thinning. It reduces dullness in hair and boosts hair growth.

Baked Beans

It has ingredients that help in better digestion, lowers the cholesterol etc. Use it as a hair mask, it gives you thick and stronger hair with better hair growth.


It also improves hair texture and prevents baldness.