Best Water Heaters/ Geysers In India

Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Water Heater

This product has titanium armour and swirl flow technology. People can heat 15l of water at one time. It has a child safety mode and copper element with efficient longer life.

AO Smith 15l Water Heater

This product consumes less electricity and is energy saving. It has an anode rod that protects the tank from corrosion. It also has a thermostat that helps set the temperature and makes the heating element non-operation when the set temperature is reached.

Lifelong LLWH106 3l Instant Water Heater

This product has a 8 bar pressure which is enabling to use in high rise buildings.It has indicators and gives advanced safety from one heating, over pressure etc. It also has a 2 year warranty and consumes less energy. The outer body is made of thermoplastic so it doesn't rust or corrode.

Bajaj Calenta Mechanical 25l Water Heater

It is made with titanium armour technology which prevents against corrosion and provides a long life. It has 8 bar pressure which makes it suitable for high rise buildings. I has swirl flow technology which gives 20% more water. It is energy efficient and has safety systems for protection against dry heating, over heating etc.

Garo Splendid 15l Water Heater

It has 15l water storage which is adequate foe taking hot showers.It has innovative features to prevent damages. It is waterproof and has earthing protection.It provides max safety from dry boiling, over pressure, over heating etc. It also contains a temperature controlling function so that it can be easily regulated according to need.