5 Best   Robot Vacuum Cleaners In India

  1) iRobot Roomba 971

 Best Surface- Carpet,  Hardfloor  Controller- Push  button  Warranty- 2 Years

 2) Mi Robot Vacuum - Mop P 

 Best Surface- Carpet,  Hardfloor  Controller- Control  via mobile  Weight- 3.5 kgs 

 3) iRobot Roomba i7156

 Best Surface- Hard  Floor  Controller- App   control  Warranty- 2 years

4) ECOVACS  Deebot 500 

 Best Surface- Carpet,  Hardfloor  Controller- App and  Voice control  Warranty- 1 year 

 5) Eufy by Anker, Boost IQ Robovac 35C

 Best Surface- Carpet  Controller- Remote  and voice control  Warranty- 1 year