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Top 7 Best Green Tea Products in India

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7 Best Green Tea Products in India – As Indians, we are avid tea drinkers, probably leftover from the time of the British Raj. Tea is an essential commodity and part of everyone’s daily routines. In recent times, however people have started caring more about health and fitness than ever before.

Gone are the days of mindlessly drinking cups of masala chai with milk and spoonfuls of sugar. Green tea is the new health beverage, and its here to stay. It’s benefits include fastening your metabolism contributing to weight loss, an antioxidant which might help prevent or combat cancer and type 2 diabetes as well as being good for your cardiovascular health.

Here are some of the most highly recommended green teas of our country.

Top Seven Best Green Tea Products in India

1. Tulsi Green Tea Classic: Organic India

A well known brand, their green tea is light and tasteful. The teabags are made of biodegradable fibre making it eco friendly as well. Available in both teabag and loose tea leave variants, it not only contains the perfect amount of caffeine to rejuvenate the body  but also is easy on the wallet. I personally recommend this one.

2. Green Tea and Mint: Twinnings

Another one of my favourites, Twinnings is well known for its variety of flavoured teas. The combination of gentle Sencha with the natural flavour of mint makes for a warm cup of soothing pleasure. Delicate, de caffeinated and not at all bitter, this was a must on this list, if you’re willing to spend a little more.

3. 100% Natural Green Tea: Lipton

Every household in India has some form of Lipton teas. This green tea is another essential to add to the rest of the collection, as the tea leaves are of a fresh, light flavour with notes of earthiness and grassy, making for a perfect pick me up at any time of the day, or an unwinding after a long day.

4. Himalaya Green Tea

If you’re looking for strong prominent flavours in your green tea, this one is the one. Another iconic Indian brand known for its wide range of products, Himalayan Green Tea offers just that. Flavour and fragrance, at an affordable price. Only thing to keep in mind is not to let the leaves soak for too long,  as that can lead it to becoming too bitter.

5. Green Tea Jasmine: Typhoo

Another UK based brand introduced in India, this particular flavour of green tea gives you double the relaxation. The aromatic fragrance of jasmine, combined with the gentleness of the green leaves, makes you understand why it’s on the pricey side. It comes in a variety of complimentary flavours such as Moroccan Mint and Lemongrass.

6. LaPlant Green Tea

A new and upcoming Mumbai-based brand, this green tea does everything a good cup of green tea should do. With a variety of complimentary flavours such as Darjeeling, Lemon, Mint, Honey and more, it has proven medicinal benefits if had daily. Available online as of now, and maybe in some remote stores.

7. Basilur Green Tea

A little history lesson for the last one, Basilur is a family owned company founded by an actual doctor who wanted to introduce the magic of Ceylon tea to the rest of the world and luckily, our country. This green tea has an incredibly rich flavour, grown in Sri Lanka and for the visual experience, is uniquely packed in Sri Lankan shaped tin metal cadies. Available online at their website, and I saved the most expensive for the last.

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