Some Sridevi’s Beauty Secrets

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Late Sridevi was one of the Superstars of our film industry. She was known for her acting, dancing and her flawless skin. She used to do a lot of skin and hair care. She was dead on 24 February 2018 at the age of 54. This beauty diva changed the definition of beauty in the Bollywood. She had some beauty secrets. Some of her beauty secrets are listed below: –

Sridevi Beauty Secret

  • She used to do a regular oil massage on her hair for good blood circulation and she avoid using harsh chemicals on her hair.
  • She only uses, eyeliner, lip-gloss and La Prairie Platinum cream as makeup products to get ready.
  • She also recommended people to use only fruit masks/packs and to do regular head massage for good blood circulation as she also used to do it.
  • She also likes to be simple as she can. She doesn’t do a lot of makeup. And she also avoids to sleep with makeup on because she believes that chemicals in makeup products are harsh and can damage our skin.
  • Although she was a mother of two daughters but she always used to do exercise and yoga in order to keep herself fit. Her daily care routine also includes eating a healthy diet five times a day and she also drinks a lot of water in order to keep her body hydrated.
  • She never used a market or chemical based face pack. She always preferred to use a face pack made of glycerine mixed with rose water. And also, this was also her first product.
  • One of her secret to beautiful skin is being happy. She believed that what is inside will be reflected on outside. So, she always stays positive, spend time with family, played tennis, etc in order to keep herself happy.
  • Sridevi’s major rule for beauty is living and aging with grace, which is evident because she never overdoes on makeup or fashion.

Diet Plan

This beauty diva also had a diet plan as a secret of her flawless skin and beauty. Her diet plan includes: –

  • In the morning after she wakes up she used to take two glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon added to it.
  • For her breakfast she used to take oatmeal or a bowl full of muesli with a lot of dry fruits added to it. And along with this she also takes skimmed milk.
  • For her lunch she takes smoked or grilled salmon with feta cheese and lots of veggies.
  • For her dinner she usually used to have vegetable soup, roti and curry.
  • She makes sure to eat after every 2 hours between her lunch and dinner. And her snacks include: -sautéed peanuts, a whole fruit to keep her metabolism going, lots of goat’s cheese with multigrain crackers.
  •  She also cheats her meal with some dark chocolate.

Beauty Resolution

To maintain her flawless skin, she also had some beauty resolutions. Some of the beauty resolutions include: –

  • Sridevi never goes to saloon for facial. She believed that skin is also a prat of our body. So, like other parts of the body we have to take care of our skin also. The beauty tip she used to give to all women is that- Pamper enough, because we deserve it!
  • As mentioned earlier that she believed to have as minimal makeup as she can because harsh chemicals in makeup products can harm our skin.

Fitness Freak

Being fit by doing regular exercise is also one of her beauty secrets. Her fitness routine includes: –

  • She used to practice yoga on regular basis. She also loved to play some outdoor games and she also makes sure to go on jogging with her daughters regularly in her free time.

Spa Secret

  • The actress loves to go for deep and intense massage at the Four Seasons Spa at Provence and Banyan Tree in Phuket. She also loves going to the Marriott, Pune for honey scrub, massage and a special fruit facial.
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