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Best Solar System Toys for 3 to 10 years old in India (2023)

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Ever since the advent of solar energy, people have been shifting to solar products. If you are hesitant about shifting to solar panels or don’t have a large area to install them, you can go ahead with Solar toys. Solar toys for your kids or to gift your loved ones are great options to start with the use of solar products.

Best Solar Toys and Games For learning

Bluebell Toys for 8-10 Year Old Boys and Girls, 13-in-1


  • The price of Bluebell toy is 900 Rupees.
  • No batteries or electricity required.
  • These toys can help  kids  to enhance your children’s science and math skills.
  • This is best for 8 to 12 year olds.
  • It is made up of non toxic ABS material which is durable an study.

kiti kits 6 in 1 solar educational kit


  • The cost of this kit is ₹485.
  • It improves children’s intelligence and in enhance their development.
  •  it evolves their critical analytical skills, creativity as well as imagination.
  • Buying this product will also help the children to learn about solar power or solar energy.
  • The product has seven day returnable policy as well.

E – Royal Shop Education Solar Robot Kit, 13 in 1


  • The cost of erowal learning and education solar robot kit is 819 rupees.
  • It is very easy to assemble it has 14 different working models.
  • The robot can move on land as well as on water.
  • It is an excellent building kit designed to teach kids about solar energy in a really fun way.
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FunBlast Solar Robot Kit – DIY, 13 in 1


  • It’s cost is rupees ₹250.
  • This kit includes 13 toys and they don’t need battery to run as they run on solar energy.
  • These are many solar building kids that benefit children as they are fun and also promote learning.
  • It is designed for children in a way that it is an excellent big market.

Barodian’s Educational Solar Bullet Train Play Set


  • This educational solar kit comes at the cost of rupees 599.
  • It is not only amazing for the children and their learning purposes but also can be used as a decorative item for your home.
  • It is a great gift for your loved ones.
  • It has an amazing quality dancing unique solar duck.

FunBlast 6 in 1 Solar Educational Kit


  • The cost of fun last solar educational kit for children, is rupees 599.
  • These models are directly powered by sunlight.
  • All pieces are study and durable would stop
  • These benefit children it had enhancing their building capacities.
  • They’re harmless and of premium quality.
  • Best for 8 to 12 years boys or girls would stop

Solar Energy Conversion learning Toy kit, 3 in 1


  • The cost of this kit is rupees 393.
  • This date allows the children to see how solar or sound energy can be converted into mechanical energy.
  • This kit is best for practical experience.
  • Hands-on study help student creative an interacted as well as interested in studies.

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