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Best Solar panel buying guide India

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Buying a home solar energy system is often a really exciting experience, but don’t be over excited by advertising. But it is important to research and have knowledge before indulging into buying as it’s a considerable investment and one you’ll be living with for an extended time. These subsequent are some buying solar recommendations on what to see when purchasing a system. 1)Recommendations Ask friends, family neighbours or colleagues who have had solar PV systems installed. Often the simplest buying solar tips com from right in your neighbourhood. They’ll be ready to tell you about their experiences and maybe provide you with a warning to any problems they experienced. Problems that you’ll be ready to avoid. Learn more about potential issues in our consumers guide to solar energy – avoiding tricks and traps. 2)Length of manufacturer’s warranty Take note of what guarantees the manufacturer offers. If the manufacturer is reputable and therefore the warranty period on the panels is substantial (at least 25 years) you’d naturally expect your system to last long for an extended time, long enough to buy itself and cause you to a profit. However, for a guaranty to be honoured, the manufacturer must be still operating. So, take care of brands. 3)Have realistic price expectations If you’re paying substantially but many other similar size systems quoted, you’ll find poor quality equipment and/or poor installation work. Quality equipment and installation isn’t cheap and, like all other purchases, you regularly get what you buy . 4) Compare components and warranty periods and check the corporate providing the installation. While large, well established companies can expire substantial savings thanks to increased buying power, other companies often reduce costs by cutting important corners. 5) Solar panel certifications This applies to all or any solar array purchases, but especially to the purchases that would attract a government rebate. The certification on solar panels indicates the sort of testing that they need undergone. as an example , TUV IEC 61215 confirms that the solar panels have skilled testing by an independent laboratory and have met their advertised specifications. Other certification types are often self-assessed. Therefore, they believe the corporate being honest in what it claims. 6) Decide on the sort of panels It wont to be the case that if you had limited roof space you’d need highly efficient (and very expensive) mono-crystalline solar panels. this is often rapidly changing with advances in polycrystalline panel technology and a few thin film technologies. Still, albeit you’ve got ample roof space you’ll still want to think about panel sizes vs. output. Filling up your roof with inefficient panels will affect your ability to feature more panels at a later date, and doesn’t maximise the facility output of the space. It’s also important to keep in mind that no matter who claims, no solar array technology will produce a big amount of power fully shade. Learn more about monocrystalline vs. thin film panels. Make sure that the roof, ground mounting or tracking system is engineer certified for the world you’re in, for instance , if you reside during a cyclone prone area confirm the mounting system and mounting brackets also are cyclone rated. Quality systems are wind certified in any case you are doing not want your system to require off during a wild storm . The mounting system may be a very vital component and a few suppliers skimp on this item. 7) Solar inverter efficiency A power inverter is that the box between the panels and your appliances that converts DC electricity from solar panels to AC suitable to be used in your home. Not all solar inverters are equal and inverter efficiency will have an immediate impact on the quantity of your time it takes for a system to buy itself. check out the inverter efficiency before purchasing a system. Obviously, the more efficient the inverter the higher . Less electricity are going to be wasted as heat during the conversion from DC to AC. 8) Get a couple of solar quotes It is always knowledgeable to gather a couple of solar quotes when making a serious purchase as you’ll find that prices vary widely between providers. But don’t be just swayed by price as inferior components can reduce the up-front cost of the system. However, they’ll finish up costing you more within the end of the day in terms of reliability and efficiency. 9) Buy solar energy at discount prices Avoid high sales people High pressure sales tactics are unfortunately common within the solar industry. Try to not make decisions on the spot, just ask the person to allow you to consider the offer. If it’s nearly as good as they claim, it’ll still be an honest deal tomorrow. Pressured decisions on the spot often end up to be less advantageous in reflection. High pressure sales people are just one of the pitfalls which will await you once you buy a solar energy system. Learn more about the potential issues and the way to avoid them in our consumers guide to solar energy – avoiding tricks and traps. At last, one of the simplest buying solar tips is to form bound to use an accredited solar energy system installer, certified by the Clean Energy Council. Make the right choice 

by Anoushka Saxena

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