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Selfie is a 2022 Indian Tamil language movie. It is basically a action thriller movie and is directed by Mathi Maran and is produced by DG film company. It was released on 1st April, 2022 and it’s running time is 2hours 8 minutes. It got a very good response from the people.  

Let’s now discuss about its story, what is this film Selfie all about: 

Story of Selfie Movie

The story focus on a guy named Kanal who is a engineering student in a low level college and also is hot headed. He holds a great grudge against his overbearing father because his father has forced him to study engineering just for the sake of their families prestige, when Kanal actually wanted to pursue something related to business.

And he got to know that his father has given the bribe to a college admission brocket to get him a place in college. Therefore he got determined to investigate it further.

He soon find out that the underground college admission racket in Chennai is both a thriving business and an open secret. Now the distant relatives of a close friend approach Kanal and his gang for help to get his son a place at a prestigious medical college in the city, due to which now they go out to prove that they are worthy.

However after they secure the place the client pulls out and start to demand for his money back. When one of Kanal’s best friend Nazir refuses to co-operate things gets out of hand.

Therefore the client approaches Ravi Varma who is the most powerful college admission broker in the city and whose name Kanal’s gang used to secure the position.

Now these gangsters and loan sharks starts to harsh not only Kanal and his friends but also their families too. Nazir who is Kanal’s best friend makes a decision that will eventually change the life of Kanal and all of his friends.  

Well to know what decision Nazir took that changed their life you have to watch the movie. As it will be more fun to watch it.  

Selfie Movie review

The audience has given 4.2 rating out of 5 to this film.  

One wrote, “The social message given in this film is bitter and hard hitting truth to accept.” He also wrote that the actors either it is main lead or supporting actor everyone has done a spectacular work in this movie. And it is a must watch.  

Another wrote, “The concept of the film lacked some logic. But apart from that it was a great action thriller movie and has all the elements. I don’t remember a single boring scene”  

One more wrote, “This movie is very well executed, from its dialogue, scripts, editing, screenplay and music everything is excellent. Perfect movie and satisfied.” 

We can say that the film is absolutely one of the amazing Tamil language Film. And as it is showing the truth of the colleges it had become popular among the students mostly who have faced this kind of problem.  

cast of the film Selfie  

  • G.V. Prakash Kumar as Kanal 
  • Gautham Vasudev Menon as Ravi Varma 
  • Varsha Bollamma as Madhavi  
  • Vidya Pradeep as Mona (Ravi’s wife) 
  • Vagai Chandrasekhar as Kanal’s father 

Other than these there are some supporting actors too:-  

  • Sangili Murugan 
  • Subramaniam Siva 
  • DG Gunanidhi  
  • Sam Paul 
  • Sreeja Ravi  
  • Thangadurai 
  • Armaan  
  • Raj Priyan  

songs of Salfie:- 

  1. Oorkaran, it was released on 11 February, 2022. 
  1. Imaikkariye, it was released on 8 March, 2022. 
  1. Badass bossman, it was released on 18 March, 2022. 

Though there are other songs too. But these three got hit and are loved by the people. Padippu Thevaillai, Yedakoodam and Yen Monam are other songs that are featured in the film. 

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