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In the generation we live in, typing has remained to be quite important in business. A minor or major form type is typically required. I’ll give you today’s top Bangla phrases in light of this. Typing software is just one of the numerous components that make up typing. Get your New Bangla word free download

The same benefits that Hindi and English receive when it comes to typing are also given to other languages. Because of this, being able to type in Bengali, Malayalam, and Tamil is essential in many field, the process of naming  in Bengali.

Bengali Word is the greatest option for a name for a clever word processing programme.

On our website, you can download The Bangla Word 190 without charge. This programme was examined by our integrated antivirus and found to be malware-free. Bangla Software Group was the company that first developed this program. For writing Bengali articles, Bangla Word is the best tool. Free Bengali fonts are also offered here.

We’ll talk about Bengali typing software in this article, also known as Bangla word.

This post will therefore be very helpful to you if you are involved in Bengali typing!

The Bangla Word Software, which is used to type in Bengali, will be discussed here .A simple typing programme is called Bangla Word Free Download.

But it stands out among the rest thanks to its features and functionality!

 Technical  specifications:

  • There are no additional plugins required to use this software; it is 7Mb in size once installed.
  • Architectures 32 Bit and 64 Bit are built-in.
  • More than 2 million people use Bengali Word globally. This typing programme is specifically made for Bengali texts, unlike the majority of them which have serious flaws.
  • This is the best choice for you if you work with Bengali papers!
  • This programme is frequently known online as Bangla Word Free Download.
  • Another compelling reason to download this software is that it offers 39 Fonts with the fewest system resources.
  • On our website, you can download Bangla Word Free Download version 1.9.0 without charge.
  • Our built-in antivirus programme analysed this download and determined that it was malware-free.
  • This PC programme can open files with the extension “bwd.”
  • Bangla Word Group was the company that first developed this application.

Technical Information on the Free Download of Bangla Word 

The following technical information is provided; please read it after downloading the software.

  • The  BanglaWord.exe file
  • File Dimensions: 6.4 MB
  • Format: 64 Bit / 32 Bit (x86) (x64)
  • Current Version: V1.9.0
  • Free for Personal Use as Per Licensing is the official website. Information on Free Download of Bangla Word .Bengal is not the only country that speaks Bengali. If you are skilled in this area, there are numerous prospects in this industry for you.

Currently, the majority of secondary language typing programmes use a different keypad, however Bangla Word Free Download is designed to work with a QWERTY keyboard.

In a later section of this article, we’ll go over some of this software’s major benefits.

In its beta form, this software was initially created. It was transformed into the complete Bengali language as a result of its popularity and strong demand.

  • TX control was used in the development of this software.
  • Smooth typing is achieved by software!

Bangla Word Free Download 

A sophisticated word processing programme made especially for creating documents in Bengali, Bangla Word Free Download. Text in Bangla is only entered using vowels (swarabarnas) and consonants (banjonbarnos). If possible, the system will automatically position the conjunct characters (juktho okkors), but it will only do so when the user specifies it .Independent of any Bangla font, the QWERTY keyboard is phonetically mapped to the Bengali alphabet.

Script in Bangla

  • For people who utilise a variety of devices for typing, this feature is really helpful.
  • One can type using an iPhone, iPod, or iPhone when using Bangla Script.
  • You may switch the keyboard with a single tap while working on email and several social media platforms.
  • A simpler way to type Bengali is now available thanks to Bengali Word programme!
  • Your English-typed alphabet is translated into Bengali using the same typing software as everyone else.
  • Every letter you type is converted by the programme into a particular Bengali character.
  • Need for a System
  • All Windows versions, operating system
  • 128 or greater RAM
  • Every Windows system
  • Intel Premium or higher processor required.
  • A  hard drive with at least 50MB.

Download in Bangla from a Supported Platform

  • It is very flexible to use Bangla Word Download.
  • This programme functions best when used for computerised typing.
  • While being compatible with iOS devices, if you wanted to use this software there, you can!
  • Practice using the bangle keyboard

Many Bengali typing programmes only give you access to the Bengali keyboard for practise, but this Bengla Word Download only gives you access to the English keyboard since it transforms English words flawlessly.

A application called Bangla Word Download For Windows 10 lets you use your computer to write Bengali. Check the grammar and spelling of Bengali material before publishing. The addition of English word translation and complete Pinyin input support is another new feature. Additionally, the programme is incredibly simple to install and use. Many Bengalis use the software Amar Bangla, which is particularly well-liked. Bengali software’s main benefit is that it is open source and available for online download. It’s time to write office documents in Bengali rather than using English terminology. It costs nothing to download Bangla Word 1.9.0. It is the best tool, in the opinion of our users, for creating articles and other documents in Bengali. 

Bangla Word You Windows 7 allows for a variety of ways to pair independent vowels with consonants. For instance, in earlier automobile fonts and non-standard Bengali encodings, they can be connected to the right, left, up, and down. First vowels are written next to the character on the left. then a consonant comes after. Consonants and vowels must be entered in scripts in a specific order that is more exacting than feedback, according to the Unicode standard. This holds true whether the vowel comes before or after the constant. If the Unicode encoding is ongoing, there is no need to reorder characters because image positions are processed individually during play.

The free Bangla Word Download programme takes up about 50 MB of storage space on your device and is about 5 MB in size. If you want to discover if your system is compatible with your operating system, it must have at least 50 MB of hard drive space and 128 MB of RAM. Please take into consideration that Windows 7, 8, 10, and XP are Pentium processor compatible. This is the necessary minimum. You can improve your operating system if you want to be more productive.


  • Include  making voice calls from English to Bengali and typing using the conventional keyboard layout.
  • Added characteristics include:
  • Support local and linguistic input
  • (One key/combination key) Configurable mode switching
  • Tracking input languages and automatic keyboard mode
  • At any time or location, check the buttons’ appearance.
  • Macros on the keyboard
  • completely adaptable
  • Quite simple
  • Easy to use
  • Thousands of contented customers
  • Proved his efforts with success.
  • No possibility to produce PDF documents.
  • Furthermore, the font is no longer yours.
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