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Immune system Boosting Natural Tips and Tricks

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The immune system is an intricate system which basically helps us to survive and function efficiently. It acts as a sort of shield and weapon against a lot of external and foreign particles that enter our body such as viruses, bacterial infections and other diseases. You can World best tulsi drops for improve immune system.

It’s a smart system too, since it keeps note of recurring microbes/germs and recognises them when they try entering again. However, improper functioning or abnormalities in the immune system can cause allergies, immunodeficiencies and autoimmune disorders which can be chronic.

In today’s times, with the prolonged existence of Coronavirus, one of the most imperative and necessary precautions to take is that of having a strong immune system. This may not prevent getting the virus, but if you do happen to get it, combating it will be much easier and less dangerous.

In the next few paragraphs I will be advising you on ways you can build and strengthen your immune system for these uncertain times, as well as life long.

● Diet

Of course, as they say you are what you eat. This means consuming foods which boost your immune system is most important. Fruits high in Vitamin C are recommended, such as oranges, kiwis, cantaloupes, berries etc. Vegetables include broccoli, garlic, carrots and more. Leafy greens are not only high in iron but are antioxidants which enhance immunity. Think spinach, kale etc. Also asparagus and artichokes for probiotics. Source:

● Sleep and Meditation

Overall, getting adequate sleep is a must for general health. Adults require 6-7 hours while teenagers growing kids need 7-8. Anxiety and stress can take a toll on our immune system without realising. Meditation and yoga can help us to destress and allow our bodies to relax, thus helping the immune system to fight off infections and refresh and recharge. Source:

● Physical Activity

To keep your blood pumping and oxygen flowing, exercising at least three times a week is recommended. This can be in the form of cardio, such as jogs, brisk walks or a couple of rounds for senior citizens. Doing home workouts also work. This increases the body’s production of antibodies and T-cells and brings up the immunity levels. Sweating it out not only burns calories but it kills pathogens in your body by rising the temperature, boosting immunity. Source:

● Staying Hydrated

Water is the best beverage anyone can have. No calories, and contains minerals and oxygen. Studies say you must drink at least 15 cups (3.5litres) a day for men and 11 cups (2.7litres) for women. This helps carry more oxygen to the rest of your body and remove toxins from the body which could have a negative impact on your immune system. Lukewarm water is preferred.

● Supplements 

Consuming immune boosting supplements also help. Ayurvedic supplements such as Chawanprash had in the morning is very effective. Vitamin D supplements enhances pathogen fighting effects. Black Elderberry, a fruit has long been used to treat infections and the extract can be potentially antibacterial and antiviral against bacterial pathogens related to upper respiratory tract infections and strains of the virus. Kadhas are also good concoctions to drink for immune strength. Source:

● Personal Hygiene

This one goes without saying. Washing your hands can go a long way, frequently with antibacterial soaps and hand washes that eliminate germs. Try Dettol, Savlon, Lifebuoy and the like. Sanitizers and wet wipes should also be used in plenty.

These are a few methods which can help with having a good quality life, protected from diseases and the virus. Combine these practices with the current guidelines and rules of Covid 19 social distancing, and stay safe during the pandemic.

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