You are currently viewing 85,000/KG Hop shoots Price in India – 2023

85,000/KG Hop shoots Price in India – 2023

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do you know Hop shoots price? in this post I will explain in details.

Hop shoots vegetable is famous for costly vegetable. If you grow hop shoots and sell this, you will get around 85,000/KG. You will be rich OMG!!!

In this post, I will tell you about where you should buy hop shoots seed , hop shoots price and what its requirements are for farming hop shoots.

What is Hop shoots crop

Hop shoots are scientifically known as Humulus lupus. These Hop shoots tend to look similar, taste similar, but basically they are mixed variety of plants. Hop shoots are nothing but the green tips of the hop plants.

These hop shoots are rare and special and are not easily found in stores. The hop cones, an important ingredient in the brewing of modern wine are found in the mature flowers of these hop shoot crops.

These are a bit expensive and are grown for commercial purposes. The hop shoots’ flower, fruit, and stem are utilized for making beverages, beer, antibiotics and other medicinal values.

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Viral news reality in Bihar

Before 1 year ago, the hop shoots news was viral that a farmer is cultivating hop shoots crop in Bihar near Aurangabad( India). Then Everybody is talking about growing Hop Shoots and earning money more and more.

But after some time Hop crop found in Bihar is fake news viral. There are no found such Hop shoots in Bihar.

hop shoots price in india

We know that hop shoots one of the costly vegetables. hop shoots price in India Rs 85,000 per around kg. which is very costly price.

Basically hop shoots flower used in making beer, medicines, antibiotics and beverages purpose. It also helps in the treatment of cancer. That’s the reason hop shoots price is very costly.

hop shoots seeds buy online

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Hop Shoot Price in International  Markets

Hop Shoot is one of the expensive vegetables not easily found in the market. Harvesting a Hop Shoot is not an easy process, there are so many complexities that are involved provided all the benefits. But, Is the cost justifiable is a difficult question to answer. In the international vegetable market, the Hop Shoot approximately sells for Rs. 85,000 to Rs. 1 lakh per kilogram.

Why Hop Shoots Are So Expensive ?

Even though growing Hop Shoots is quite laborious and the result has many medicinal values, it might not be totally convincing for some when put on deep thought.

These hops are used in abundance, almost 50% of hop-heavy recipe budget in making few varieties of beer like Galaxy and Sabro.

The land, initial infrastructure, equipment and labour cost is high to set up a Hopyard. Moreover, the output will occur only after 5 years of labour and yield which is not easy for anyone to do provided all the losses he has to face for all the unyielding days.

To add salt to the wound, the cost doesn’t stop either in the initial setup.  There is a constant treat posed by pests and insects. If the plant is virally infected, there is no going back and hence the farmers have to bleach tools, utilize disposable items and clean every piece of equipment before use.

They should safeguard their plants against natural disasters like wildfires which have happened previously in the past. Again, they are very tiny in size and it is extremely laborious to collect them.

Hop Shoots Farming Cost in India

The cost of Farming Hop Shoots may vary with the type of equipment being used. Most of the farmers in foreign countries use highly equipped modern methods that double the production and reduce the labour cost and other expenditure. The basic Hop Shoots farming costs in India might come around 2 lakh to 3 lakh.

Where to Sell Hop Shoots in India

After successfully cultivating the Hop Shoots, you must sell them in a desirable and profitable amount. Pharmaceutical companies and drug industries are in high search of their extracts due to their medicinal value and usage in drugs.

These are the places you can have wholesale trade. There are also other physical markets and online markets like IndiaMART you can look for to sell your products at best prices.

Hop shoots farming in India – Planting And Care

The Hop plant is a vigorous, climbing plant that has herbaceous values. They are grown as strings in hop field for commercial purposes.

For growing these hop shoot plants, it’s essential to look up to certain conditions to produce a better and healthy yield. The sprouting of hop plants starts in the month of March. The stem needs to be pruned.

Cutting the plant stems and new wood is an essential step because the old wood shouldn’t be damaged in order to protect the crops. The prerequisites of planting is the land should be carefully dragged and Hop poles and wires should be set up.

Their production is usually limited to regions above 35 degrees north or south latitude. For optimal;l growth, it requires a minimum freezing temperature. The ideal soil type differs but it must be deep and well-drained.

The extensive root system is essential for the uptake and storage of water and nutrients for healthy growth in hotter seasons.

hop shoots seeds for cultivation-Hops Care

For growing the hop shoot, give all-day sunlight and drained soil. after that, you have to focus on improving soil quality, give a 2-inch layer of compost and all requirements of fertilizer.

keep hop shoot roots deep in late winter and regular spring at 12 inches roots. After growing you have to give support up to 3 feet from the base. That means it can easily grow and scale-up. you have to keep heavy wire and support to each hop shoot plant.

SunlightFull Sun to Partial Shade
SoilWell-drained soil
Temperature5 degrees C (41 degrees F )
FertilizerApply any organic fertilizer

Medicinal Use of hop shoots:

There are innumerable medicinal values these Hop Shoots contains in them and that is one of the significant reasons to grow the. You must dry the flowering part of the plant to use as medicine.

  • They relieve psychological tensions like anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, excitability, ADHD, nervousness etc..
  • They help improve appetite, improve urine flow, help in the flow of breast milk and helps treat indigestion.
  • They also help in treatment of certain cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.
  • They control high cholesterol, tuberculosis, bladder infections and intestinal cramps. They also ease nerve pain and painful prolonged erection of the penis.
  • The medicinal  values doesn’t stop with the intake, application of the dried hop powder relieves leg ulcers as they have antibacterial qualities.
  • Note: Before taking consult doctor.

FAQs hop shoots

hop shoots vegetable price in India per kg?

Hop shoots with an international market value of approximately Rs. 85,000 per kg.

How to get hop shoots seeds in India?

You can buy hop shoots seeds on Amazon, Flipkart, nurserylive, desertcart.

Hop shoots price in international market

Hop shoots price in international market approximately 1000 euros which is about Rs. 85,000 per kg.

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