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Food Items in Our Home for Stopping Hair Loss -2022

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Everybody wants to have good and smooth hair and it depends on the individuals that what type of hair they want to keep, some like long hairs some people go for short and shiny and even some prefer neither too long nor too short. But having thicky and shinny and smoothy hair is almost wanted by 80% of the individuals.

People try different types of remedies, tricks, use various products like shampoo, conditioner, gel, serums etc to keep their hair beautiful. People also take pricy treatments to keep their hairs smooth, shinny, thicky and etc according to their wish.

So, nowadays due to pollution, dust, taking heavy chemical based treatment or using chemical products damage our hair and is also causing hair losses.
People who also do not consume those chemical based products and take treatments also suffer from hair loss due to stress, anxieties, worries, illness, hormonal change and etc. So, to get rid of this problem an individuals should try natural food items in stopping their hair loss.

These natural remedies can be made from using several food items which are available in our homes like pumpkin seeds, gooseberries, eggs, nuts, sweet potatoes, baked beans and soybeans.

Foods in our Home for Stopping Hair Loss


Pumpkin seed is really a boon for our hair growth because it is rich in elements like magnesium, iron, fiber and also contains healthy fats.

There are many advantages of using pumpkin seeds in our daily diets to get rid of hair loss and also in gain gaining better health because it has many goodness and richness in it and is …

  1. Best for our heart.
  2. provides a better sleep
  3. boosts immunity.
  4. good for health.
  5. Important for gaining hair and also remove dandruffs from hair .
  6. contains richness in antioxidants.
  7. helps in losing weight 8.keeps our skin moisturused.

Consumption and usage

  1. Take the dried pumkin seeds and fry/roast them to use it in your daily breakfast.
  2. Consuming rooted pumkin seed helos in gaing hair.
  3. You can grind the seeds and use them with salad and can aslo use them in by mixing in the curry.
  4. You cand also use them in garnishing your handmade dishes like upma, sweets,cupcakes and etc.
  5. You can make a paste of the seeds and put in your scalp upto 30mins and wash it off .Do i twice a week to get a better result.


It contains richnes of vitamin C,iron,calcium,fibre,protein,phosphorus, iron,calcium and etc.
There are many advantages of consuming gooseberries. It helps in growing and conditioning the hair scalp and makes them dandruff-free.

It is also used in making good tone of henna hair dyes which reduces grey hair and gives a good shine to our hairs.

It also increases the volume of our hair by consuming in adequate quantity. It helps to remove head lice,roughness and also provides smoothness in hair.

Consumption and usage

  1. Take 2 gooseberries and make a paste with yoghurt also mix some neem leaves and make a hair mask by addind few drops of water in it and then Apply this paste to your scalp and along the length of your hair. Wash it off after for half an hour with water.
  1. soak 5 to 6 gooseberries in a bucket of water and rinse your after doing shampoo.
  2. You can also use gooseberry juice and apply on your scalp to to get rid of hair loss.


Egg yolk is contained with nutrition and proteins like , biotin, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Egg yolk helps in making healthy, glossy hair. Egg yolk can be applied to hair scalp as a treatment for hair loss, which will also makes hair to grow faster.

Consumption and usage

  1. Take two eggs and make a good mixture with olive oil. Apply it Using gloves, to your hair using your fingers. Make sure to coat the top of your scalp and the ends of your hair. Let stay for 20-28mins on your hair before rinsing it out with cold water.
  2. Eat atleast two eggs in your daily breakfast or you can make an omlett of it to consume it in getting rid of hair loss.


Nuts like cashews, walnuts are very good in taste and it is also easily available in markets. It has a richness of nutrients that makes the good hair growth and also stop them in causing loss or damages.

Let us know some advantages of eating nuts…..

  1. Eating cashew nuts,daily in your diet upto 1 month can prevent you from hair loss.
  2. It makes our hair strong and increases the volume of it.
  3. Eating nuts makes our bones healthy and are alao very beneficial for skin.
  4. It also helos in boosting the memory.
  5. It fights in getting rid of depression .
  6. Reduces the risk of heart disease.


eating 5- 10 walnuts every day makes your hair strong.

Go in the kitchen of your house take whatever nuts are available in it and grind it in a mixture by adding a few drops of aloe vera gel and Gulab Jal into it and then apply on your scalp keep it for half an hour then wash it off with water. It will slowly make your hair beautiful and stop you from lossing hair.

You can also use the powder form of nuts and make a hair mask by adding a few drops aloe vera gel , rose water and pure almond oil in it.


It contains richness iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and
beta-carotene. It is an ingriedient which is also very good for gaining hair growth.

There are many advantages of it and they are…….

  • It prevents hair thinning.
  • It can even reduce dullness in hair.
  • Potassium and magnesium content in sweet potatoes make them great for high blood pressure patients.
  • It is Good for digestion.
  • Helps in regulating blood pressure.

Consumption and usage

  1. Take the sweet potatoes and boil them, make a curry with them.
  2. Always have them roasted or baked in your daily life.
  3. Eat sweet potato fries if you want to prevent hair loss you should make sure sweet potatoes are a part of your diet.


  • It contains nutrients essential like Thiamine Zinc Selenium Magnesium Other B vitamins like B6 and folic acid Potassium and etc.
  • These ingredients can helps in regulating your guts, help in better digestion . aid intestinal bacteria, lowers the cholesterol.


  1. Take some eggs with baked beans for a breakfast.
  2. Add flavour and texture to a tomato or vege soup with a small can of baked beans.
  3. You can also eat with roasted bread in ypur daily diets.
  4. Make a hair mask by grinding the beans and apply on your scalp and thwn wash it wash it off after 20-25minutes.


Soybean is an important nutrient used to contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers. It is also called a complete source of protein. The best part if it is that it is good for every age of the group.
soybean is considered as a great nutrient for hair. It not only keeps the hair healthy and strong but also makes it shiny and smoother.

Let us see a few advantages of it ……

It provides complete nourishment to our damaged hair.
It also conditions the hair deeply. It helps our hair to grow quickly.
It improves hair texture and also prevents baldness.


  1. The best way to consume soyabean seed is to keep the seed saoked overnight and eating them in the morning along with breakfast or in daily diet.This will help in growing hair quickly and strongly.
  2. Rooted soyabean seed is very beneficial for our health and if we eat daily then it will provide nourishment and boost volume of the hair.
  3. soyabean can also be used in vegetables in our daily diets because it contain richness of protiens and vitamins which helps our hairs to grow strongly and also makes our hair longer.
  4. One more way of consuming soyabean is eating along with fried rice because it has lots if nutritional values in it and provides benefits to our body and hair in many ways.
  5. Soyabeean seed can aslo be used in making hair mask by adding few drops of rose water ,aloevera gel, and two table spoon of coconut oil in it.Keep it for half an hour and then wash it off with normal water.

Doing this remedy twice a week will not only make your hair longer, stronger and smoother but will also make it more beautiful and attractive than before.


So, By using and consuming the above food items like pumpkin seeds, gooseberries, nuts, sweet potatoes, baked beans, soya beans will help our body to provide nourishment to our hairs because these all items contain the goodness and richness of different types of proteins and vitamins in them.

Every ingredient is best and good in itself for gaining our hair in a way better way. As we know that it is pure and 100% natural so these are excellent types of remedies which will make our hair beautiful and attractive and provide natural shine,smoothness and long-lasting texture.

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