Elon Musk On Why Twitter Fired So Many Employees

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Roughly a week after Elon Musk’s official acquisition, Twitter is currently undergoing a full overhaul. The company made plans to roll out an updated Blue subscriptions and a new tolerance policy public over the course of the past week.

Elon Musk, the company’s new owner, is currently taking rigorous standards steps to control the company’s expenses by letting go of thousands of people. Day 1 of the acquisition saw the start of Twitter’s downsizing. Top managers were dismissed go, including Parag Agrawal.

After that, the company fired Vice President of Global Client Solutions Jean Philippe Maheu, Chief Customer Officer Sarah Personette, and CMO Leslie Berland.

Employees at Twitter did get a mail notifying them of the layoffs a day before they were drifted “Notifications for this protocol will be conducted by email due to the nature of our decentralized workforce and our wish to notify parties concerned as soon as possible.

Elon Musk’s statement on this controversy
Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, has rationalized firing over half of the company’s staff by claiming he had “no alternatives.”

Elon Musk also revealed in a tweet that some employees had been let go. Musk provided an explanation for why he fired nearly 50% of the workers in a tweet. According to Twitter’s new owner, the company was forced to make a decision since it was losing money. He tweeted, “Unfortunately, there is no choice when the corporation is losing over $4M/day about Twitter’s downsizing in force.

He updated that severance packages had been provided to everyone who had been fired. In the same tweet, he claimed that “everyone departed was prepared to offer 3 months of severance, which is 50% more than lawfully necessary.”

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