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It is the era of technology in which newer inventions are growing at a fast pace every day. Therefore, investing in these high-quality wireless charger can be an excellent upgrade. Here I have mentioned the best wireless charger for mobile, which you can easily select for yourself.

Xiaomi Mi 30W wireless charger (30W):-

Xiaomi Mi 30W wireless charger (30W)

The Mi 30W Wireless Charger bears a cooling fan that keeps the heat in check. Not just that, it comes with an air duct that flushes air at the connected phone which helps in the latter’s heat dissipation. It is Qi certified and supports up to 30W wireless charging for Xiaomi devices. For the rest, the transfer is limited to 10W.

RAEGR Arc 400 Wireless charger:-

RAEGR Arc 400 Wireless charger

The Raegr Arc 400 charger is certified to use Qi-charging compatible devices, offering up to 10W charging speeds. It comes with short circuit prevention, surge protection, and temperature control. The charger is made of ABS material which makes it fire-resistant and its LED indicator shows the charging status of the phone. It can charge phones with a case with up to 5mm thickness.

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Amkette Power Pro Air 600 Wireless charger:-

Amkette Power Pro Air 600 Wireless charger

The Power Pro Air 600 from Amkette is a feature-packed charger. It has been designed with 3-layer protection for your device. This includes overheating, overcharge and short circuit protection. Add to that, the charger automatically reads the charging capability of a phone and switches the charging speed according to that.

Using a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 adapter you make the best of this wireless charger. But more importantly, this charger is flexible enough to let you charge a phone in landscape, portrait and desk mode.

Cocu wireless charger:-

Cocu wireless charger

Cocu wireless charger gives you a maximum charging speed of 10W. This is a Qi-certified charger that means you can charge wide range of phones that support the feature. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Note series and many more. You get these charging speeds when using a 5V adapter. It comes in a circular-shaped design that rests nicely on any surface and a phone with a case of 5mm thickness can easily be charged on this.

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WestCharge Fast Charging Wireless Charger:-

WestCharge Fast Charging Wireless Charger

For All Qi-Enabled Phones .10W for OnePlus 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20 series/ Note 10 series / S10 series/ Note 9 / S9 series; 7.5W for iPhone 12 series/ 11 series / XS MAX / XR / XS / X / 8 series. The charger offers an overall power output of 10W/7.5W/5W and you can charge with a maximum distance up to 8mm.

Made of premium materials Aluminium Alloy with Silicone for a safe charging experience and long term durability.

It comes equipped with technology and components that offer faster-charging speeds than other chargers. The charger offers over-current and electromagnetic protection as well as provides fast transmission.


          In this modern technology era, everyone is totally dependent on gadgets, and these gadgets are reliant on batteries. So you can choose from the above listed products.

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