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7 Best Weighing Machines For Body Weight

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Weighing machines are a necessary product to keep at home. They’re a good indication of how much you should weigh and help to keep your weight in check. I am sure you are looking for a bodyweight machine.

They let you know if you should gain or lose those pounds. In case you are looking for Best Treadmill for home use in India. Check out this article. There are many types of weight machines for the gym.

This is important to mark your progress as well. Whenever we wake up, every morning with most of us it’s almost habitual to use the bathroom and then check our weight immediately.

This is most effective if we’re on an empty stomach. You get all sorts of weighing scales which come in digital as well as manual versions. There are many types of weighting machines for body weight. In case you are looking for the Best Exercise Bicycles for Indoor Training. Check out this article.

Often there are so many models, it’s hard to choose the perfect machine for you. They all
look the same and the prices vary. This extensive list of weighing machines will hopefully
help you make a calculated decision on which one to go for.

Best Weighing Machines For Body Weight

HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126


  • Brand: Healthsense
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Power source type: Batteries
  • Voltage: 1.5 voltage

Product description

This weighing machine is a digital one. It’s sturdy and lightweight, weighing 1120gms. It
goes from 5kg to 180kg. It has touch technology and has 4 high precision sensors which
calculate accurate measurements.

It conserves energy when not in use and goes into battery saving mode. Comes in dark grey and is a rounded shape that keeps feet in place.

It also different measurement units such as pounds to kilograms. The LCD and backlight with clear white readings allow you to read even in a dimly lit environment. The most important feature is that it is skid-proof with an anti-slippery surface made of silicon pads that grips the feet, whether wet or dry. Retails for ₹1499.

Sansui Personal Human Body Weighing Machine


  • Brand: Sansui
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Power source type: Battery-powered
  • Item Weight: 1.4 killogram

Product description

The screen of this machine is made of sturdy tempered glass and is large enough to easily read. The bottom of the machine has built-in rubber pads to prevent slipping. Like the previous model, this one also has a switchable unit measurement.

It’s also a smart machine that lets you know when the battery’s low or if there’s an overload. Touch-sensitive and calibrates weight as soon as it’s stepped on. Comes in standard black and white. Retails at ₹999.

MEDITIVE Weighing Scale


  • Brand: Meditive
  • Made: Mental
  • Batteries: 2AAA batteries required
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 110g

Product description

This model is a compact-sized digital machine meaning that it takes up less space in your home but still gets the job done. It is child friendly as well. The machine is made of strong metal which makes it more durable and reliable than glass.

It can take as light as 7kg to as heavy as 180kg. The machine requires AAA batteries which come along with the model. Comes in black and dark blue. Retails at ₹1149.

Ionix Weight Machine


  • Brand: IONAX
  • Scale Capacity: 130kg
  • Item part number ‏ : ‎ Sknol Weight machine
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 300g

Product description

When talking about weighing machines, it’s important to go back and talk about where it al started: with the manual ones.

This model has an analogue scale that needs to be set to zero before weighing oneself. Highly accurate and durable, made of metal. Basic but reliable as it doesn’t require any batteries and is completely simple. Retails for ₹850 and comes in white.

MCP Achiever BLGR01


  • Brand: Meditive
  • Warranty: 6 month
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 580g

Product description

This fancy-looking digital weighing machine comes in a sleek black and had many magnified features. The screen has high definition reading with advanced blue light-emitting technology which works in both daylight and night.

Powers on instantly as soon as you step foot on the machine and switches off 10 seconds post getting off. Also contains four high precision sensors which capture subtle changes immediately.

Very attractive and perfect for your bathroom or bedroom. Along with calculating weight it also shows the temperature of the surroundings. Retails at ₹999.

HealthGenie HD-93


  • Brand: Health Genie
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Weighing scale
  • Item Weight: 980g

Product description

This model is also considered to be a good choice for you. Requiring 2 AAA batteries, it ha
a large LCD screen, has a weight capacity of 180kg, detects when the battery is low and
indicates and also shows the room temperature.

It also has round edges to prevent accidental injury and damage to surrounding objects. The least amount of weight it can measure is 50g. It’s also visually attractive with a simple floral design on the surface. Retails at ₹1149.

Hesley Weighing Machine


  • Brand: Healsy
  • Batteries: 2AAA batteries required
  • Power source type: Battery-powered
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 600g

Product description

The last model on this list is unique in appearance. A German brand, the machine comes with round edges, effortless unit conversion, anti-skid padding and instant reading technology.

The screen consists of an LED display which is Neo Thermal which helps with reading even in the dark. The overall design of this model is different to others and makes it stand out with its grid and diamond pattern. Comes in black. Retails at ₹1199.

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