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10 Waterproof rain shoes cover in India 2023 -Reviews | Best waterproof rain shoes cover

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Waterproof shoe cover for rain is a necessity in a myriad of industries. These resources protect floors and carpets from getting wet from shoes exposed to liquid. Our shoe covers are extra thick and will not rip apart easily.

Rain is beautiful, rain brings serenity, it’s magical as far as you stay indoors. But on the other hand, its purely tragic and causes discomfort when you have to go to an office, school, buy groceries and anything that demands you to step outside.

Dirty shoes never give the polished appearance. To tackle this condition, you have to look for better solutions like buying a water resistant rain shoe cover. Muddy water absorbed legs doesn’t only bring discomfort but also brings in infections and germs. Here are some best brands and products you can look for if you want to buy a water resistant rain shoe cover.

waterproof rain shoe cover india

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Purabelle Non-Slip Shoe Cover WaterproofBuy on Amazon
Dexy Shoe CoverBuy on Amazon
TRILOKESH Waterproof Silicone shoe CoversBuy on Amazon
SHOERELLA Rain/Snow Over Shoe CoverBuy on Amazon
NUVO plastic disposable SHOE COVERBuy on Amazon

Best Waterproof rain shoe cover India

Purabelle Non-Slip Shoe Cover Waterproof:- 

Purabelle Non-Slip Shoe Cover Waterproof

The pair of reusables, elastic silicon covers to protect your shoes from dust and keep your shoes clean, suitable for all seasons. The shoe cover will well protect your shoe from wetting on a rainy day, it will well prevent your shoes from damage as well. Suitable for rain and snow weather. This PURABELLE waterproof shoe product made with high-quality Silica gel with long life.

Dexy Shoe Cover :-

Dexy Shoe Cover

This is reusable and we can carry this easily. Shoe covers made of 100% high elastic silicone materials. It protects shoes from mud, rain, snow, slush, keeps your shoes clean in four seasons to use. This is lightweight. It has Non-slip Pattern Bottom which increases the friction with the ground, durable and this is safe to use. This is available in multicolor.

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TRILOKESH Waterproof Silicone Shoes Covers:-

This is made up of  Waterproof silicon that helps to protect us from rain. Shoe over is also equipped with a particular tread mechanism for preventing sole slipping. You can buy this without any hesitation and it is also available at an affordable price. This is easy to carry at any place at any time. This is a reusable product.

SHOERELLA Waterproof Rain/Snow Over Shoe Cover:-

SHOERELLA Waterproof Rain/Snow Over Shoe Cover

It has a height of 9 inches. This is a pure waterproof shoe cover. This shoe Cover is for Men’s and Women’s Daily Wear Shoes including Sports Shoes, Formal Shoes, Sneakers, etc. It is used for Daily purposes like Office/Work, Short Distance walks. We can use this daily. This is easy to use and carry at any time at any place. This is very lightweight and available at an affordable price.

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It has dimensions of  15 x 5 x 4 Centimeters. Shoe Covers is very useful for people which avoid taking off shoes and it can be used in home, hotel, office. It has multipurpose uses. Especially this is good for room cleaners or for those who worked in industries. This is suitable for almost all adult sizes. You can buy this because this is very low in cost and easy to carry.

HomeSoul Shoe Cover

You can choose the colour of this shoe cover and it comes in one size, that is large. But you don’t have to worry even if you have tiny feet since they are made up of ultra elastic silicone. The elastic in it is highly adjustable and these pairs are also reusable. The non-slip pattern used in this will ensure that you don’t get slipped as they produce tremendous friction as you walk. You can remove them whenever you want as only a small space is enough to keep them and hence easy to carry too.

Checkered Flags

This product comes in black colour and has three different sizes- XL, XXL, 3XL.  This product is made up of rainproof fabric with three lock mechanisms. Anti-slip function of this cover gives you a natural walk devoid of any disturbance. Make sure to dry them before storing and avoid going on a long walk in rough surfaces and terrain.


This waterproof shoe cover comes in four different sizes- M,L, XL and XXL. The sole material and outer material is made of polyvinyl chloride. They will be more flexible and comfortable to your legs. It has a good quality and all the more also fashionable to wear.


This product is free size and it fits all. This is a waterproof product but also disposable. You can’t use them multiple times and you have to replace them. These products are also slipped resistant


These shoe covers are extremely lightweight and can be easily folded and stored in a backpack. It has an excellent elasticity that enables you to wear and take off easily. They are easy to clean and are reusable. The cover is made of soft and thick silicon rubber material to offer a waterproof function. They have slip resistance and you can use them while travelling, biking, fishing etc..They are well suited for hard and rough places unlike most of the shoe covers.


 It comes with a rain cover. waterproof instantly and protects your belongings from rain, allowing you to enjoy your trekking or hiking experience even on a rainy day. The bag has a separate.

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