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7 Toothpaste Brands that your Teeth Need

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Oral hygiene is extremely important. It’s a question of personal hygiene and if we
care for it responsibly like the rest of our body, we can miss out on that dentist
When you smile, whether in pictures or in public, you want to make sure you’ve
got some pearly whites, not stained and yellow. When you talk, you want your breath to
be fresh, as to not offend anyone else. Besides vanity you have to do it for yourself. To
ensure that you don’t develop any problems which will turn into serious ones that simple
brushing cannot help. Thus, picking the right toothpaste that does all these things and
more, becomes imperative.
In this article, I’ll guide you through some toothpaste brands that could meet your
requirements and help you to maintain your dental hygiene.
Some important facts to consider while buying toothpastes are the functions it
carries out. There are a number of dental problems, such as plaque, tartar, bad breath,
rusted enamel, cavities, tooth decay and more. Here are some toothpaste brands that
combat these problems:

Best 7 Toothpaste product in India

Dabur Red Paste
If you’re looking for Ayurvedic toothpastes, this one is up there. One of India’s best
brands, it provides relief from toothache, removes yellowness, plaque and bad breath. It
also has a nice spicy clove and cinnamon flavour. Retails for around ₹200.

Colgate Total Whole Mouth Health
Colgate is my personal favourite internationally as well as within the country. This one is
antibacterial and helps to eliminate all your mouth’s germs. It’s got a strong minty
flavour along with fluoride, ensuring whitening along with fresh breath. Since it’s whole
mouth, it also works on every other minor oral related issues, so it’s an all rounder.
Retails at about ₹246.

If you’re prone to sensitive teeth and need a quick but effective fix, sensodyne does the
job. This is one of its main functions, and is dentist approved. Along with fresh mint and
repair, it has an appealing flavour that’s long lasting and allows you to consume foods
and liquids of extreme temperatures at ease. Retails for ₹192

Colgate Max Fresh Blue Gel
Provides you with ‘maximum’ freshness from its peppermint ice menthol flavour and
aesthetic appearance with clear blue gel colour and mint crystals. Contains fluoride
which helps whiten teeth. Will leave your mouth feeling cool and fresh for hours post
brush. Retails at ₹304.

Pepsodent Germicheck
This toothpaste removes bacteria and other germs in the mouth and on the tongue
along with preventing cavities and removing minor ones with its natural clay-activated
formula. Not too focused on strong flavour or intense freshness, more for dental
problems. Also contains fluoride. Retails at ₹225.

Another Dabur toothpaste, this one is also completely Ayurvedic and chemical free. If
you are the kind of person who likes reading the back of the tube to check the
ingredients, you’ll be very satisfied. Fluoride free with only natural ingredients, a very
popular indian toothpaste, it is anti inflammatory for the gums, antibacterial and has
astringent properties. Fights plaque, tooth decay, cavities and tartar. Retails at ₹122

If your main concern is fresh breath, closeup is the perfect one. As depicted in its
advertisements on TV, it’s mainly known for its strong fragrance and flavour, coming in
many flavours such as cinnamon, mint, lemon and more, with attractive gel colours and
crystals. Acting as a mouthwash and toothpaste in one, it has extracts of tea tree and
eucalyptus. Retails at ₹239
And there you have it, there are many variations and types of these top brands, but this
is a good starter guide to figuring out the perfect toothpaste to meet all your dental

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