[Top 7] Best Solar Fans in India (2023)

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Nowadays people are shifting from electricity consuming products to Sunlight that is products working on solar energy. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which means it is everlasting. If you are planning to switch from using electricity based products to solar based products fans are a great way for the initial start. Best seven products have curated the list of seven best solar fans

Best Solar Fans in India

IMPEX Solar Rechargeable Fan


  • Its prices ₹1490.00.
  • Its power consumption is 24.9 Watt.
  • It also has one year warranty.
  • It has a stylish design as well as it is made of pure ABS plastic.
  • The size of its blade sweep is 7MM.
  • Its motor speed is 1700 RPM

Solar universe India Table Solar Fan Set


  • The price of solar universe India table solar fan set is rupees 960.
  • Its power consumption is 10 watt.
  • It has three blades that are of 12 inch each in size.
  • This type of table fan is best for small rooms, construction sites, farm houses very electricity is not readily available.
  •  The brand is solar universe India.
  • Its model number is DC12V table fan for home And DC solar system will stop
  • It is portable its color is red and black other colors are also readily available for stop it’s more suitable for using inside.

Croma 30 CM 5 Blade Table Fan


  • The price of chroma 30 CM is 2390.
  • It is ideal for home.
  • It has four level of speed settings.
  • It works on 40 watt.
  • It also provides 24 months warranty that is 2 years.
  • This fan comes with optional or escalation for broad room coverage.
  • This product claims 2 make the air fresh with its blades that provide air all over the room.

Sun King Table Solar Fan Set


  • Sun King table solar fan can be bought at the price of rupees 4999.
  • It’s customer ratings is 3.7 stars.
  • It requires 20 Watt energy capacity.
  • It provides two years warranty against manufacturing defects as well as seven days return policy.
  • It is a stylish design along with high performance provided by its three wings or blades.
  • It’s brand name is sun King.

Impex Solar Rechargeable Fan


  • Impact solar rechargeable fan comes at the cost of ₹1710.
  • It comes with an LE D light.
  • It has dual speed mode with three blade.
  • If you  buy now there are offers available for you , get extra rupees 30% off on prepaid orders.

Orbit KL F0092


  • Orbit KLF 0092 comes at the cost of ₹1823.00.
  • It comes in a color white along with USB charger and an LED light put stop
  • Input watt is 24 watt.
  • It uses DC motor it has the capacity of 12 VA.
  • It also gives the warranty for one year under manufacturing defects.
  • The brand name is orbit.
  • Its model is KLF 009 24 stop
  • It’s rated speed is 1450 RPM.



  • Material used in this fan is ABS plastic.
  • It has seven days replacement policy.
  • It is white in color, buy for   prize rupees 940.
  • Its power cord length is 1 meter.
  • It allows two types of power supply methods that is AC and DC.
  • It has an inbuilt 2000 MH battery which gives you 3 hours of working time.
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