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Top 10 Best Skincare Brands in India

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Gone are the days when people used to only invest in good beauty products. Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up with layers of makeup. 

Invest in your skin, it is going to represent you. 

Top skincare brands are within easy reach. The best skincare will not only enhance your appearance but enrich your skin with the lost nutrients. A skincare routine with holy grail products is something to look forward to. 

Here’s a list of top skincare brands for you: 

  1. Juicy Chemistry 

A 100% organic skincare brand in India, Juicy Chemistry has been serving since 2014. The affordable skin and hair care brand uses no preservatives, no colors, no fragrances. It is India’s first skincare brand to be ECOCERT certified. The brand provides incredible combos like the eye combo, hair combo, skin combo, and hair combo. 

  1. Perenne Cosmetics 

Perenne meaning ‘ageless’, propagating the Clean Beauty Movement, no paraben and no sulfate agenda since 9 years now. It is one of the first best skincare brands in India. A brand that uses natural extracts in their wide range of products. The brand provides an entire range of skincare from their cleansers, toners, serums, to their moisturizers. 

  1. Caffeine 

The skincare brand, Caffeine swears by providing the superfood to your skin and hair. They use coffee in everything that they produce. It is India’s first caffeinated top skincare brand. The skincare brand says beauty has no age and gender. The naked and raw coffee body scrub and body butter has been their best sellers. 

  1. Prolixr

A skincare brand that follows simplicity, safety, and satisfaction to its core. Prolixr is an India based skincare brand that provides a great range of products for all skin types. Their flagship product, the sea algae detoxification face mask, serum, and moisturizer is an entire skincare regime. 

  1. Dot n Key 

An Indian brand, Dot n Key providing skin friendly and 100% dermatologically tested products with absolutely no parabens and sulfate. They work for a beautiful tomorrow and do not involve any kind of animal testing in the making of their products. Their serums and face masks have been one of the best sellers in the skincare industry. 

  1. Kama Ayurveda

What better than ayurvedic products for your skin. Kama Ayurveda has been serving its spectacular range of beauty products for years now. They have been acing the game with their incredibly formulated skincare range. Starting from their toners, cleaners, mists, and creams, the products speak for themselves. 

  1. Forest Essentials 

Another luxurious Ayurvedic Skincare brand, Forest Essentials is known for its most authentic and traditional products. Their rose water is definitely like none. Serving since 2000, the company follows the Clean Beauty Movements and swears by the usage of any synthetics. Each product is made with the ayurvedic formulae. They are known for their hypnotizing fragrances. 

  1. Mama Earth 

Founded only a few years back, Mama Earth has been flourishing in their business. Known for their products based out of natural extracts, they do not use animals for product testing. The newest Vitamin C skincare regime is the hot seller. They also provide toxin free hair care products. 

  1. Biotique 

An Indian lady started this brand known as Biotique in 1992. The brand makes its products with ayurvedic formulae that is suitable for all skin types. Their Bio Nectar moisturiser has been a best seller for years now. This product is one such example of the feedback of their skincare range. Their bio cucumber toner is one of the best sellers this summer. 

  1. Nykaa 

Last but not the least, Nykaa has come up with their skincare range too. The India based ecommerce company has been providing economical products to their customers. Their skincare range includes body wash, body mist, face wash, face serum, face oils, face potions, and face masks. 

Best 10 websites for purchasing online skincare products. 

  1. Nykaa –
  2. Sephora –
  3. Purplle –$
  4. Mama Earth –
  5. Style craze –
  6. NewU –
  7. Amazon –
  8. Flipkart –
  9. Kama Ayurveda –{campaignname}&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=515609375506&utm_term=kama%20ayur&adgroupid=125348657492&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9_mDBhCGARIsAN3PaFOKkVkqgXVlrizjHuWCCvBSSH65lVRWh_in8xBP9sJCnanmT2YfrdUaArmyEALw_wcB
  10. The Skin Store –
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