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Sketra Neo Run Treadmill reviews

Best Sketra Neo Run Treadmill reviews – 2023

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Sketra Treadmill reviews (5 stars), which has a cutting-edge running platform that adjusts to the user’s gait. Additionally, it provides a large running area with a cushioned deck and an onboard console to track performance. It is perfect for both commercial and residential gyms due to its durability.

The innovative Neo Run Treadmill’s design gives elasticity during sprints and safeguards knees and joints during slow speeds. It also has a 7 HP peak motor power, which makes it perfect for high-intensity training and a more manageable pace. It also has an inclined slope of up to 15% for hill training.

1.Adaptive Running Surface – The cutting-edge running surface adjusts to the way you run and efficiently disperses impact, protecting your joints at slower speeds and providing a more elastic response during sprints.

2.Increased Exercise Performance – The silent motor is perfect for every style of training, from leisurely strolling to intense marathon training (peak power: 7 HP). For a more realistic hill training experience, the inclination can even reach grades of up to 15%.

3.Smooth and Wide Running Surface – The wide running surface, measuring 61 by 21 inches, is equipped with the best cushioning technology.

4.Performance Monitoring – The on-board console displays all the information required to track your performance, independent of your body posture. Additionally to showing heart rate through, it also shows resistance level, speed, calories, and distance.


  • Adaptive Running Surface: 61 by 21 inches
  • Performance Tracking Show all data from workouts
  • 7 HP Heavy Duty AC Motor, Continuous Operation for 72 Hours
  • Self-Dissipating Heat System
  • Easily accessible button panel
  • Running Speed Limit: 20 km/h
  • With 15 Grade Auto Inclination, you can simulate hill training.
  • Lift Assist Hydraulic
  • 20 Watt Speakers with Bluetooth
  • Heart-rate monitor in both hand grips
  • Max Weight Supporting Capacity: 200 KG
  • Lubrication system for vehicles
  • Onsite Support Service for PAN India
  • Five-year motor warranty; one-year components warranty
  • Neo Run Treadmill, a professional commercial treadmill with a 7 HP commercial AC motor, with a top speed of 20 km/h.

Running  surface with padding

For a comfortable and long run training, Neo Run offers you a cushioned surface measuring 61 inches by 21 inches.

Automatic Lubrication

With its auto-lubrication system, the Neo Run Treadmill only requires the user to fill up a tank with oil, which is then automatically distributed throughout the entire running area.

Wearing Maximum Weight

Up to 200 kg for walking and 170 kg for running can be supported by the Neo Run Treadmill.

Performance monitoring 

With the 8″ inch Backlit Display included with Sketra Neo Run, you can keep track of your training progress while using the heart rate sensors that are located on both hand trails.

Hydraulic Lift Assist

Support for Hydraulic Lifts

The Sketra Neo Run Treadmill has hydraulic folding and an effortless lift assist.

Simple Movement

To make moving forward and backward and for storage, there are two front and two rear mounted wheels.

Running Wide Area Surface that is Cushioned

The large running surface is 61 inches long and 21 inches wide, and it has the best cushioning system, which helps to protect your knees from harm. The advanced heat dissipation system on the five-ply belt makes the running surface more comfortable for your workout.

Grade 15 Automatic Inclination

 Workout  can be made even more diverse and efficient with an inclination of up to 15 Grade. With a steeper slope, you may burn even more calories, increase your endurance, and tone your leg muscles.

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