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Best 7 Portable Solar Panel in India

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1. SARRVAD Portable Solar Charger with Solar Panel:

SARRVAD Portable Solar Charger with Solar Panel


  • Brand: Sarrvad
  • Connector Type: Laptops,Tablets
  • Wattage: 100 Watts
  • Input Voltage: 5 Volts
  • Weight: ‎50g

Product description

WATERPROOF AND DURABLE: The complete product consists of a waterproof fabric made of PVC. It has a solar panel laminated with PET that makes it very scratch-resistant. It also has an EVA film layer to guarantee reliability and performance.

HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY: Using the TOP GRADE Sunpower cells, this has an energy conversion rate of solar power into electricity of 23.5% by using the TOP GRADE Sunpower cells

OUTPUT INTERFACE: The product comes with a 5.5A standard USB and DC5521 output of mobile phones, laptops, batteries and other digital portable devices.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Worry-free warranty for 12 months
FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE: Very light and ultra compact, 540 x 560 x 6 mm (folded)/ 1119 x 540 x 3 mm (folded) (opened).

2. LOOM SOLAR Panel 50 watt:

LOOM SOLAR Panel 50 watt:


  • Brand: Loom star
  • Warrenty: 10 year
  • Item weight: 4kg 300g
  • Matrial: other

Product description
Best in Class Efficiency 50 Watt, 12 Volt Mono PERC Panel, Revolutionary cell technology ensures maximum generation of solar power with a high monetary value of up to 20 percent.

The Mono PERC, A+ Grade, Anti PID Mono Cells Technology
Mono PERC, built with high-quality glass and solar cells, offers greater efficiency in low-light and cloudy conditions.

25-year transferable warranty on power output; 10 years on manufacturing defects

3. Lixada 7.8W Solar Panel Charger USB Port:

Lixada 7.8W Solar Panel Charger USB Port:


  • Brand: Lixada
  • Total USB ports : 2
  • Item weight: 127g
  • Connector Type : USB
  • Input Voltage: 5 volts
  • Wattage: 7.8 watts

Product description

NO BATTERY: No issues caused by heat or heavy sunlight without a build-in battery.

EFFICIENT: Adopt monocrystalline silicon content and have a high photoelectric conversion rate of 20 percent.

FROSTED SURFACE: The frosted panel prevents surface scratching and makes the panel more durable.

HANDLE DESIGN: Easy to carry, easy to charge mobile phones or camping lights via USB interface for outdoor activity.

MULTIPLE FIXING WAYS: Can be fixed on smooth surface by given suckers, hanged up or tie to bag by string, flexible to arrange.

Note:- This product does not give a warranty.

4. SuRCLe semi Flexible Portable Solar Panel:

SuRCLe semi Flexible Portable Solar Panel:


  • Brand: ATON
  • Item weight: 600g
  • Special feature: Suitable for evehicles
  • Country of orign: India

Product description

Solar panel semi-flexible, Suitable for e-cars, Back-coated TFT for longevity

The alternative solar module – smaller, thinner – is this semi-flexible solar panel. It automatically charges the on-board battery of your motorhome, caravan, boat, or other vehicles, quietly and without maintenance.

Aluminum support is much more versatile than standard solar modules. It can be easily mounted on angled surfaces, such as boat decks or alcoves for caravans.

For extra protection, the potted junction box is given. High performance in moving conditions and robust in harsh mechanical conditions as well. TFT, back-coated by Teflon for strength.

5. Bluebird Solar Panel 100 Watt:

Bluebird Solar Panel 100 Watt


  • Brand: Bluebird
  • Warrenty : Enjoy 25 Years of Performance Guarantee | 10 Years Manufacturing Guarantee 
  • Item weight: 6.9 kilogram
  • Material : Crystalline silicon

Product description

Product: 100W -12V Monocrystalline PERC Solar PV Module with high efficiency 36 – 5BB Solar Cells.

Performance: Maximum Voltage (VMPP) = 20V , Maximum Current (IMPP) = 3A, Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) = 22.5V, Short Circuit Current (ISC) = 5.3 A, Module Efficiency = 18.4 percent

Benefits: Positive power tolerance only and has Innovative cell technology. High area efficiency, reduced cost of BOS (system balance). Better ROI. Warranty – 25 Years on performance & 10 Years on product.

Excellent performance in cloudy sky & low light conditions

Strength: AR Coated Tempered PV Grade Glass Heavy-duty Silver anodized Aluminum frames PID Resistant to corrosion by salt mist & ammonia.

6. Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank


  • Brand: Hiluckey
  • Number of ports : 2
  • Item weight: 590g
  • Special feature: Capacity: 25000 mAh

Product description

It’s around 25,000 mAh. Dual 2.1 A USB Output USB Output
The cells are made of superior quality silicones that provide cell conversion efficiency, and are known for producing high-efficiency solar panels that generate in low light and cloudy weather.

The revolutionary cell technology ensures maximum solar power generation as sunlight falls on the solar panel Use it for camping or family beach trips, either way, this polycrystalline panel offers with the most efficient space.

This advanced multi-layered sheet laminating material increases the efficiency of cells and offers a long service life. For several different uses, it can be used. The aluminum frame, corrosion-resistant, makes prolonged outdoor use; the panels
will last for decades.

7. IFITech 6W Portable Solar Charger Panel

IFITech 6W Portable Solar Charger Panel


  • Brand: IFITech
  • Warrenty : 1 year
  • Item weight: 127g
  • Connector Type : USB
  • Voltage: 5 volts

Product description

IFITech 6W The new solar panel is a rugged solar charger that is water-resistant and lightweight. Importantly, to accept the green planet with no waste and no radiation, these panels are environmentally friendly and energy conservative.

The FlexSolar charger makes it easy to be connected to backpacks, trees and tents with eyehole design and core chips antishock safety, which is suitable for long treks. Ideal for charging all your 5V USB-charged devices easily, such as smartphones, power banks and GPS units.

One must have facilities for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities, it helps so. Even in the
absence of energy support, as long as there is sunshine, your devices can be charged.

Advantages of Solar Charger:

High Efficiency

Potable design

Good performance

Solid Structure

Friendly for the Environment

Maxmimized Compatibility

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