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Best Nebulizer Machines in India

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Nebulizer machines are gaining popularity at a very rapid rate in India. These machines
are used as an alternative to asthma pumps for asthmatic people and other respiratory
problems. It is convenient and often more effective than the little pumps; as well as offer
less strain and more oxygen.

They compromise of an air compressor as the base, a small container for medicine in its liquid form and a tube connecting the base to the container. Right above the container is a mask or a mouthpiece attached which you apply on your face to inhale.

A nebuliser is quite similar to a steam inhaler, except better and for more severe purposes. It also comes along with medications or bought separately such as albuterol, budesonide, formoterol etc. Once you have added in the medicine, you need to just switch the machine on and breathe in through the mask.

The mist should rise up through the tube into the mask, and this helps combat asthma attacks, narrowing of the airways and breathlessness.Whether it’s asthma, pollution or any other respiratory allergy, this is a good and veryeffective machine to have around. Its effects are almost instant, and you’ll find yourself

feeling better in minutes.
So here I bring to you in this article some of the most well-recommended nebulizer
machines you must keep in your home.

Handyneb Classic Nebuliser

This nebuliser is suitable for colds, coughs, congestion and upper respiratory areas. It is
advantageous and useful. Its features include a body made entirely of plastic, which
prevents electric shocks, a double-wall body as well as a specialised locking system making

it easy for children to use too. There is no spectrum of water spillage, and the double-wall
body keeps the exterior cool while the interior remains hot. It is also portable. Retails at


This German nebuliser is used for the upper and lower respiratory tracts. It’s quick and
effective and the best part is that the inhalation duration is limited. The machine uses
compressed air to nebulise the liquid medication used in it. Includes filter, compressed air tube, two masks and a mouthpiece. Disinfection is permitted and the nebulation capacity is high. Also comes along with a storage case. Retails at a hefty ₹3010.

Dr Odin Mesh Nebuliser

If you’re looking for a convenient nebuliser that doesn’t take up much space, this ones for you. Along with providing relief for respiratory ailments, it is easier to use than jet nebulisers. Its features include a rechargeable battery, adult and child mask and a travelling carry bag. Easy to use at any given time since it’s small enough to fit in a handbag, it takes all of seven minutes for its effects to be felt. With the press of a small button, a mesh cap with small holes helps to dispense the medication into consistent particles allowing effortless inhaling. It is also silent. Retails at ₹2699.

Phillips Home Nebulizer

When we talk about appliances, we can’t forget to mention this iconic brand. Known for its vast array of successful products, this nebuliser helps with the management of respiratory conditions well. Its features include Salbutamol solution drug, distinctive jet design, adult mask and pediatric mask and the essentials. Its high-quality aerosol helps to deliver aid in as little as six minutes. Light and easy to manoeuvre, it’s definitely a good bargain. Retails at ₹2799.

Romsons Angel Nebuliser

This nebuliser provides quick relief for coughs, nasal congestion, nausea, sneezing and wheezing as well as Bronchitis, besides the usual ailments. It comes with the works, including a power chord to charge. Low noise allows you to focus entirely on breathing andrelaxes you too. It has a thermal protector which shuts off automatically when it heats up too much. Retails at ₹2299.

Thermocare Piston Compressor Nebuliser

This high-quality nebuliser is called so as it is durable and resilient enough to withstand
small accidents. The medication particles which are inhaled specifically combat asthma,
coughs, COPD and more. Main features include a heavy motor, one-button operation and
full nebuliser kit accessories. Retails at ₹2799.

Dr Trust Nebuliser Kit

The final nebuliser on this list is this American brand. Providing all the essential benefits with the rest of these nebulisers do, in addition, it is also compatible with saline water and medication of different viscosity levels. It is used to treat more severe respiratory ailments such as cystic fibrosis, acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumoconiosis, chronic pulmonary disease and more. It has a three-layer filtration system and flow regulator. Retails for ₹3110.


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