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When you have the right microphone, you can smoothly record quality audio for your YouTube videos without a bunch of excess work. Selecting the best microphone for YouTube videos will rely on your unique necessities, and we’ll show you what to look for.

Get to understand pricing, features, and more in our top picks for the 8 best microphones for YouTube videos.

How to Choose a Microphone For YouTube?

When shopping around for a microphone, you should consider the equipment, of course, but also your specific requirements. You’ll desire to keep things in mind like your budget, recording atmosphere, features, and the type of microphone that will work best for your recording requirements. Check out our proposals for how you should select the best microphone for YouTube videos and our top 8 picks. We’ll also share which mics well-known YouTubers use as their go-to.

First things first: you need to determine how much you’re willing to expend on a new microphone. You can discover microphones at every price point that can provide great sound quality, but the more you’re ready to invest, the better quality microphone you’ll get.

If you’re a YouTuber with understanding, it presumably makes sense to pay a little more. You probably already have a good idea of how distinct microphone features work and how to use them to enhance your audio. 

New YouTubers may like to start with a microphone at a downward or mid-range price point to get a notion of what they require when it comes to a mic. As your YouTube channel develops, you’ll get a promising understanding of how to record, and you can still upgrade to a better mic at a later time.

Where you record YouTube videos concerns when shopping for profitable microphones. Some microphones work better for studio recording, while others have characteristics that make them great for recording on the go. 

Understand where and how you’ll be using your mic so you know the features to concentrate on for your demands. Shotgun mics work incredibly in a controlled studio environment but might not serve as well when recording a YouTube video outside of a studio. ‍

Lavalier mics work extraordinarily when recording on the go because of their manageable portability. But, they won’t necessarily produce the exact audio quality as a shotgun mic in a controlled studio environment. Which microphone features do you require? Familiarise yourself with characteristics before shopping for a  reasonable microphone for YouTube video creation. Having a headphone jack is crucial for monitoring audio quality during post-production work. If you do a lot of this, make sure the microphone you choose has this feature. 

Additionally, you’ll like to know how you can attach your mic to other pieces of supplies (like an audio interface). So, pay attention to whether the microphone you choose is an XLR mic or a USB mic. 

If you’re not recording in a closed studio environment, you may like to look at the built-in mic features. Many microphones come with built-in pop filters and automatic noise reduction that come in convenient when out in the field recording.

Best mic for youtube  

1. Rode NT1-A Anniversary Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package 

The Rode NT-1A is a versatile microphone that is organized to operate and produce incredible results in several environments. Whether you are making up your guitar, playing your acoustic, or singing it conducts to a very high level to give you tremendous sound quality. The low self-noise functions, as low as 5dBA, will grab the quietest of sounds and capture them with clarity and the 137dB SPL ensures you don’t overload. It is an objective studio mic and is capable of recording guitars and drums, and its low noise makes it excellent for recording vocals.

 2. Blue Yeti USB Microphone 

Interesting name for a microphone and it’s more than an interesting mic. The Blue Yeti has been developed to be as flexible as it is feasible to be. It is a tri-capsule array with three condenser elements. The mic also has a mute and gains supervision. This puts you in control of what is going on.

Providing a selection of polar patterns, it authorizes you to switch between omnidirectional or bi-directional patterns as well as cardioid and stereo. And, it will record your audio 16-bit/48kHz. To assure that you have latency-free monitoring, it has an autonomous gain control and a headphone amp.

3.The Blue Snowball 

The Blue Snowball is the little brother of the Yeti and is an amazing USB YouTube mic. There are two different models: Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball iCE.

The first one (Blue Snowball) has 2 mic capsules, allowing omnidirectional (all directions) and cardioid (perfect for voice recording) pickup patterns, an adjustable-height stand, and a reliance on build quality.

The Snowball iCE has a single cardioid capsule and no height adjustments.

4.Rode SmartLav+

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If you want something you can simply plug into your phone to get outstanding audio, the Rode SmartLav+ is a decent choice. It uses a TRRS connection (that’s what your phone uses) but you can always get the Rode SC3 adapter if you want to use it with a recorder or camera.

This is an extraordinary choice if you don’t want to pay several hundred dollars for a professional-level lavalier mic.

5.  Audio-Technica AT4053B

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AudioTechnica AT4053B Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone: Shotgun mics tend to have problems indoors if there are a lot of echoes. If you’re regularly recording in an atmosphere like this, you’ll want to assess getting a small diaphragm condenser mic with either a hypercardioid or supercardioid pickup pattern.

The Audio-Technica AT4053B is a hyper-cardioid boom mic that is favorably recommended for indoor dialogue (voice). The mic capsule is substitutable, so if you require a different pickup pattern you can just swap the heads.

6. Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B Cardioid Vocal Dynamic Microphone
8,691 Reviews

 When you want quality in a microphone, you want a Shure SM7B. Shure appliances are known far and broad as some of the top products in pro audio gear, and the SM7B is no oddity. This model provides clear, warm sound in a combination of recording environments, and it also authorizes you to control low-end frequencies through the device itself. You can also count on the Shure SM7B to catch loud sounds with relief due to its ability to handle high decibel levels. 

This makes it ideal for situations where you need to publicize a live stream for your YouTube channel at a large event like a show or other crowd gathering. There are some unique features: Flat and low-cut settings for more control, can capture up to 180dB of sound without distorting, and cardioid polar pattern for rejection of off-axis audio.

7. Sennheiser MKE 200

Sennheiser MKE 200 is another option that doesn’t cost as much as the Blue Yeti but still is a bonus model. It is a directional condenser microphone and is excellent for connecting with DSLR cameras and mobile devices for vlogging purposes. You can connect the MKE 200 to the top of a camera, or plug it through the headphone jack on a smartphone. Thanks to the directional setup, you can isolate and improve the audio quality of your video. Sennheiser has equipped the MKE 200 with an inner suspension mount and incorporated wind protection to prevent excessive shaking of the unit.


The Electro-Voice RE20 is one of my favorite microphones for YouTube gratitude for the high level of performance with great sound quality. It’s one of my favorite podcast microphones, and while I still favor the SM7B, I peek at them as pretty interchangeable. Both microphones have a massive history but in different areas. The Electro-Voice RE20 is the industry standard for broadcast mics. If you’ve ever heard of FM radio, sports announcements, or popular podcasts around the world, then you’ve most probably heard the level of quality that the Electro-Voice RE20 can bring to the table. While it’s greatly common for broadcast work, you’ll also see it in music studios as a premium-grade instrument microphone.

In a studio, built-in features may not be as significant. Indoors, you can regulate background noise better and supplement your mic with extra equipment that contains external pop filters, shock mounts, boom arms, a mic stand, and headphones.


You were able to uncover the best microphone for YouTube for your new channel with this index of incredible mics. Whether you want an XLR option with the best conceivable sound quality, or something more striking and visually attractive, our list should have enabled guide you toward your next investment. If not, let us know so we can enhance our list for the next person!

If you end up buying one of the listed options, how It’s functioning out for you feel free. we love noticing the content our readers assemble and appreciate the feedback you give us.

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