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Best LED TV buying guide 2023

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Nowadays people are interested in purchasing LED TV. The reason is that the picture quality of this type of TV is excellent and use new technologies during manufacturing to make it the best one with various advantages.

The buying guide will help the buyers to know the features of a LED TV which will help them to purchase the best one for their home or for the office.

The LED TVs are available at different prices based on their brands and sizes. This article will help you out to find the best LED TV in India. The features described are as follows.]

Best LED TV buying guide India

The screen size of a LED TV

One of the most important features one should look before purchasing a LED TV is the screen size. The screen size is chosen according to the size of the room. Additionally, the screen size of the room also depends on personal use or to game and also to stream the shows. The screen size also depends on the budget and the availability of space. A LED TV is available from 22 inches and more.

The resolution of the screen

The resolution of the screen is one of the most important features one should look before purchasing. The TVs that are full HD were industry standard. However, the 4K models are trending. These types of models are available at low price which is advantageous for the buyers. The HD TVs are also available at decent price. The resolution of the screen is compatible. The resolution of the screen helps in enhancement of film watching experience.

The connectivity of a LED TV

This feature of connectivity is also important and it depends on the number of connectivity provided by the company. If any user wants to connect many devices to the TV like sound bar or a stream stick then more connectivity LED TV is required. HDMI ports are included with much other connectivity like USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports. The price of the TVs depends on the number of connectivity available. It is useful to have connectivity for the users who love gaming and want to play games on large screens at home. Bluetooth connectivity is also very important which helps to connect any external devices.

Sound quality of the LED TVs

The sound quality depends on the wattage of the TV. This is directly proportional to the quality of the sound. The buyer must see that the sound quality should be good enough so that it can be heard from greater distance. The harshness is heard to judge whether the sound quality is thin or distorted at high rate of volume. The sound quality should be best if one wants a good experience of actions while watching movies at home.

The warranty of a LED TV

The warranty of the TV is very important to know before purchasing a LED TV. The price and the features of the TVs depend on the warranty. The TVs with extended warranty helps in increasing the peace of mind of the users. The extent of coverage and all the terms and conditions also depend on the warranty of the LED TV. The warranty can be from 5 years to 10 years depending on the model of the television.

Price of LED TVs

The price of a LED TV depends on the brand and size of the TV. The cost price ranges according to the number of features as well. The price ranges from 18,000 to 80,000 and more. The price also depends on the inches of the LED TVs. The buyers always prefer television models that are of moderate price with all the features that one need to watch TV. Common people like us do not want very expensive TVs as their aim is to watch television for entertainment or during leisure time.

10 Top LED TV brand in India

  1. Panasonic
  2. LG
  3. SONY
  4. Vu TV
  5. Micromax
  6. Mi TV
  7. Onida
  8. Samsung
  9. Kodak
  10. Haier

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