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Best Induction Cooktop Buying guide and tips

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What exactly is the need to buy an induction cooktop? What are its advantages? Here’s everything you need to know; One of the early benefits of having an induction cooktop is that it could very well be used as a backup; aren’t ready to give up your gas cooktop just yet? Perfectly fine. In this post, I will focus on Best Induction Cooktop Buying guide and tips.

An induction cooktop can be used as a backup for when your gas suddenly runs out; it’s best factor is that it doesn’t require any external source to operate. If you see these factors, you can easily decide best induction Cooktop for you. 

What is an induction cooktop? 

An induction cooktop, in simple, layman terms, can be defined as an alternative to traditional cooktops that operate on gas. Induction heating uses the concept of electromagnetic radiation and uses direct induction heating of cooking vessels through a magnetic field, instead of sitting a pan atop a burning flame.  

Types of induction cooktop:- 

In general, there are five types of induction cooktops widely available for commercial sales; 

1. Single Element Induction Cooktops: 

Single element Induction Cooktops have only a single cooking zone where the cookware is placed. Since they only have one burner, they are less likely to be used for simultaneously preparing more than one dish, and are generally cheaper in comparison to other induction cooktops. 

2. Multi Element Induction Cooktops: 

A multi-element induction cooktop has multiple elements, as the name suggests; which means it has more than one cooktop to aid in simultaneously cooking multiple dishes, thus being more time-efficient. 

3. Built-in Induction Cooktop Units: 

These are integral multi-unit induction cooktops- the number of cooktops or the dimensions of the unit usually depends on the amount of space available, and these are installed directly into the countertop, which makes them seem like a part of the countertop and are more pleasing to look at. 

4. Freestanding Countertop Induction Units: 

These inductions don’t require a countertop as they are the countertop itself. Usually, these can be found fitted or places between two separate countertops but can also be used for outdoor cooking. 

5. Commercial Induction Unit: 

These cooktops are more durable than other cooktops as they are expected to withstand more wear and tear. Their power ratings are usually more high and wide as well, so that large numbers of quantities can be produced in less time. 

Why do you need an induction cooktop? 

Induction cooking is also faster, and less time-consuming as compared to gas cooktops; this is because of the fast response of the electromagnetic cycle, which helps save up to 50% of the time while cooking your favorite dishes. 

Another thing to note is that induction cooktops are more planet friendly; traditional cooktops use gas, which is a major polluting factor, and majorly contributed to global warming; switching to induction is a whole lot greener, less polluting, and a right step towards a better, cleaner planet; these cooktops also result in lower electricity bills and less energy usage. 

Best Induction Cooktop Buying guide and tips. 

How do you know what induction cooktop to choose? And how do you know what sets each cooktop apart? Following is an Induction Cooktop Buying guide and tips. you must know to buy an induction cooktop that is perfect for you. There are lots of companies making Induction Cooktop like… Philips, Prestige, Pigeon, Usha, iBELL.. etc. Just took some points it will really find to Best Induction Cooktop in India.

Recognizing what induction to buy. 

This might seem like an easy task, but it is not so; finding a cooktop that caters to you perfectly is no easy feat, especially when there are several different options on the market. One of the first things to do is recognizing what type of induction cooktop you need; a single element? Multi element? Or do you plan on buying a countertop induction? All these are questions you should consider asking yourself before you set out to purchase your new induction cooktop. 


Portability is one factor that sets induction cooktops apart from traditional cooktops, simple because inductions make for an easy pick-and-go; some cooktops like a freestanding countertop cooktop are portable and also work as fixed cooktops; whereas cooktops like a built-in are not portable. 


When buying a cooktop, the most important factor to consider is the size of the cooktop; your induction should be a perfect fit for your kitchen to prevent it from sticking out like a sore thumb; If the induction is too big, it will crowd unnecessary space in your kitchen- if it’s too small, it’ll be less functional because single element cooktops are not for multitasking.

Additional Features. 

All modern induction cooktops come with a ton of features, some of which are similar to other cooktops, and some which set them apart from other cooktops. The most basic features you should consider in a cooktop are; Timer, buttons, automatic pan size recognition, child lock, pause, wok cooking, digital control readings, pan detection, protection against overflows, inbuilt cooking menus, auto-cutoff, boost, and a number of cooking zones;

all these features will help to enhance your experience with induction cooktops because, at the end of the day, your induction cooktop should be one that caters to you perfectly, and matches your every cooking need. 

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