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Best Graphics Tablet Buying Guide

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  Drawing means use of pencils, colours and a drawing book. But nowadays these are all replaced by a single piece of device which is a graphic tablet. In this digital age people prefer to buy graphic tablets for advancement of their knowledge.

This graphic tablet buying guide will help you out to find the best graphic tablet brands and the feature one must look into before purchasing a drawing tablet. Additionally, the buying guide for graphic tablet will also solve the problems of the buyers in the midst of so many products to choose.

The list of all the features is given in this best graphic drawing buying guide.

Best Graphics Tablet Buying Guide

  • The Sensitivity of Pressure

The level of sensitivity of pressure varies from 300 to 3000. The thickness of the line depends on how much pressure you are applying on the stylus. More the pressure sensitivity more accurate and distinct will the drawing be. The pressure level should be at least of 1024 for the beginners. However, for the experts the pressure level should be greater than 2050.

  • Resolution of the Tablet

In reference of graphics tablet, the meaning of resolution is how many LPI (lines per inch) the device display has. Additionally, it also detects LPI from the stylus. Greater the size of the laptop grater will be the resolution.

  • Graphics Tablet Size

Graphic tablet size varies according to the model and brand of the device. Additionally, it also depends upon two features. First one is the size of the area where one draws and the other one is size of the overall device. The drawing tablets that have bigger active area will allow the users to work on larger drawings. We would recommend you to purchase a drawing tablet with large active area. Additionally there is no need to zoom while drawing. If the user loves to draw a then a compact tablet is better for them as it is easy to carry.

  • Responsiveness of the Drawing Tablet

Another name for the speed of the graphic tablet is responsiveness. The speed denotes about the lines drawn that is showed on the screens. Moreover, in many models of graphic tablets the lines are drawn instantaneously. However, this feature depends on the tablet’s drivers. We would recommend purchasing a graphic tablet after seeing the type of software it has. This will help the users to avoid problems.

  • Graphic Tablet Controls

Before buying a drawing tablet it is suggested to study the control features. Maximum tablets for drawing enable the user to customise the tablet buttons and also the stylus for the performance of certain actions while drawing. The advantage is that this feature of this graphic tablet helps to save time. the number of programmable buttons vary according to the brand, size and model of the graphic tablet.

Type of Stylus in Drawing Tablets

Type of stylus varies from one graphics tablet to another according to the brand. The styluses are of three types. They are as follows.

  1. Battery-powered Styluses- The styluses that are battery powered are thicker. The reason is that it can accommodate the battery. One must keep extra batteries for this type of stylus in case of emergency.
  2. Rechargeable Styluses- The styluses that are rechargeable must be given charge similar to that of mobile phones and laptops. One must charge the tablet before starting to draw again. Additionally, the tablets are slimmer and easy to carry.
  3. EMR Styluses- This type of stylus features frequency which is electromagnetic. It helps to transfer power to the pen used while drawing. This technology is new among all these three.
  • Battery

The battery life of the graphics tablet is another major feature. The graphics tablet must have a battery life of about 3 to 4 hours. Additionally the life of the battery depends upon various features like how much time you are using it for drawing, the age of the battery and many more. the buyer must definitely know about the battery life for a single use.

Display and Non-Display of Tablets

The tablets are of two types and it is important to decide which one to buy.

  1. Display Graphics Tablet- This type of graphics tablets are easy to use for the beginners. However, the cost of such types of tablets is more. These tablets are generally used by professionals to create work with good quality.
  2. Non-Display Tablet- These are general tablets that are connected to the laptop via USB cable. Additionally, they are cheaper in price. Moreover, this type of tablets are more compact but they are not ideal carrying while travelling

10 Best Graphics Tablet Brands

  1. Wacom
  2. Huion
  3. XP-Pen
  4. Microsoft
  5. Veikk
  7. Lenovo
  8. Samsung
  9. ASUS
  10. Ugee

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