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Best Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

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Looking for Best Gaming Laptop Buying Guide in India? Then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss about gaming laptop buying guide.

Gaming laptops are slightly different from that of the ordinary laptops due to their graphics, power of the batteries, price, warranties and many more. in the market there different brands of gaming laptop. The following buying guide will help you to purchase the best gaming laptop in India.

The features that one must see to and study before buying the best gaming laptop are as follows:


Firstly, you should study the portability. The reason is that gaming laptops are available in the market with various portability levels like minimal, medium and the best portability. Power of the laptop is inversely proportional to portability. The various levels are described below.

  1. Minimal Portability- The size varies from 17 to 18 inches. This size is best suitable for those who want to use them at home. The power of this range is considered to be the best one. However, these gaming laptops are heavy.
  2. Medium Portability-The size is 15 inches and these gaming laptops are easy to carry. The battery remains charged for almost 5 hours. Gamers obviously prefer laptop that has the capacity to remain charged for a long time.
  3. Best Portability- The size ranges from 13 to 14 inches. The CPU or the GPU is not powerful enough. However, the advantage is that the weight is very less and easy to carry. The power of the battery stays for a longer period of time.


The buyers must see to it that the display should be good enough of a gaming laptop. Some guidelines need to be followed to have the best display.

  1. Resolution of the Gaming Laptop- The resolution is the most important feature that one must look upon. The gaming laptops that have panels of QHD or 4K are becoming popular for the gamers. The colours and striking details are very fascinating in these panels. One should buy a laptop according to their choice and aim a bit higher.
  2. Touch Screens- The touch screens gaming laptops are not suitable for gamers. This is said to be unnecessary in gaming laptops. This feature is available in few of the laptops. One who wants to buy a best gaming laptop will not require touch screens.
  3. The buyers may prefer either glossy or matte displays. The glossy displays seem to have colours that are vibrant enough. On the other hand, matte panels avoid reflections. The buyers can choose the panels according to their choice.
  4. OLED is known as organic light-emitting diode which comprises of compounds that are organic and emit light as well. This technology is very unique. The best gaming laptop with this feature is Alienware.
  5. The panels can support either G-Sync or FreeSync technologies. These technologies are used to remove unnecessary graphical tears. The rate varies and it also offers faster rendering.


The graphics card also known as GPU is the most important feature of a gaming laptop. It helps to deliver the images on the screen, followed by processing the data and lastly transmitting the signal to the monitor. To avoid this long and time consuming process, the buyers need to prefer a gaming laptop with a dedicated memory. This memory is termed as video memory or VRAM. However, one must prefer to gaming laptops with Nvidia GPUs. This is considered to be the best gaming laptop.


The audio is as important as the visuals in gaming. Gaming is fun with high sound and it becomes more interesting to play. The best gaming laptop should be MSI-exclusive. The software that is used for best audio is Nahmic audio software. The buyers should prefer this software to enjoy best sounds in headphones as well as speakers. The voice clarification is best in gaming laptops of Aienware and Lenovo.

Keyboards and Touchpad

The quality of the keyboard is also very important to buy a best gaming laptop in India. The users will always have to use the keyboard to play a game or to surf on the web. To identify the best gaming laptop one must look upon the depth of the keys. The range should be between 1.5 to 2 millimetres. This depth is ideal. Additionally, a good keyboard for gaming must offer backlighting that is customised as well. This light seems to be attractive to the users. Another most important feature in a best gaming laptop is that of anti-ghosting. This means that while gaming one uses more than one key simultaneously. The buyers should look into all these features.

Price and Warranty

Gaming laptop price in India varies on the basis of brand. The most expensive brand for gaming laptops is Alienware. The customers can prefer brands like Lenovo or Samsung where the gaming laptops are budget friendly. The warranty of these laptops can vary from 6 to 7 years. On the other hand the laptops with low price have a warranty of 4 years.

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