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Best Gaming chair India

Top 7 Best Gaming chair in India -2023

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One of the most important or we can say a popular thing in today’s generation is the game this generation is also known as the gaming generation. People from all over the world play games and apart from entertainment it is a great source of money for many players in the world.

The people who generate money via games need to spend hours playing games and hence it is not as easy as it seems to be. Sitting over a particular place for constant time periods leaves you with a problem of back pain muscle pain or headache. But if I tell you that there is a special kind of chairs design for the gaming players what will be your idea about this?

Nowadays there are gaming chairs available in the market which is different from your office or home chair in a way that it has extra support in the back and with other features, like I’m rest lumbar support headrest it is designed to make you more comfortable while playing games.

Now what should be the prior knowledge before buying the gaming chairs? Fell in this article they will be sufficient knowledge for you on how to buy a gaming chair. Basically, there are three types of gaming chairs namely PC, Platform and hybrid chairs.

Pc chairs mostly resemble office chairs with extra lumbar support headrest and adjustable armrests.

Platform chairs are famous among console gamers since they rest on the floor and know for television gaming. They particularly resemble rectilinear chairs.

Hybrid the name itself resembles the fact that it has features of both pc and platform chairs. They are mostly mounted on a swivel base.

Some of the best gaming chairs are listed below:

Top 7 Best Gaming chair in India

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Gaming Chair

Without any worries make these greens all monster ultimate as multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair yours because it has not one not two but many amazing features which makes it the best gaming chair available in the Indian market.

  • Neck head pillow to give you comfortable head position
  • Lumbar pillow to make your back comfortable
  • Flat and spacious seat
  • 4D armrest to work in four directions made up of pure carbon texture
  • 3 year warranty

Savya Home® Gaming Office Chair

It is a combination of amazing feature and great looking gaming chair in your budget. It is one of the finest chairs available in the market which is designed with precision and is known for durability. Manufacturer provided it with careful inspections and find tailoring. Ideal for every kind of body weight this gaming chair has some more listed features,

  • 90 to 180° rectilinear rocking
  • Rotational arm rest
  • Design with high quality smooth pure leather material for your comfort.
  • With it’s great dimension and weight carrying capacity it is one of the best gaming chairs in the market.
  • 170° till deliver and castor wheels add more stars to its feature.

Pulse gaming Ergonomic Chair

It’s great finish and monster look gives you great feeling while playing. Designed to give you proper support this pulse gaming ergonomic chair is made with pure leather and comes with black color with red finishing that is a combination of deadly colors. It is provided with both head and lumbar pillows to give your back a fine support.

  • 180° rectiline chair
  • Extra padding material.
  • 150kg bearing capacity
  • Four level cylinder certified by SGS
  • 3 year warranty

Sunny Enterprises SE-12 Gaming & Office Chair

Without putting any pressure on your pocket this gaming chair is in everyone’s budget that too without compromising the features of a gaming chair. Comes with an ergonomic design and resembles every needy feature of a gaming chair making it one of the best gaming chair which can be used in your office or home or any other workplace.

  • Can beer up to 1:30 kg weight
  • 360° swivels
  • Easy to clean
  • Neck rest, arm support and lumbar support

SamDecors Office/Home/Study Gaming Corporate Chair

For its longer life and durability with amazing features this gaming chair is equipped with any tilt lock technology with highly adjustable armrests and heavy Chrome base. Ideal for every place including office and home to not only provide comfort but also give great look to your furnished house. It’s high density seat with extra padding makes it more comfortable and reliable. Apart from that it also resembles many other features such as

  • 100 kg weight capacity
  • Lumbar support for the back
  • 360° swivel
  • Caster wheels for easy movement

Apex Crusader Gaming Chair red and Black F

This gaming chair comes in a semi-assembled state with DIY so that you can your own assemble it. It is easy to maintain and design to have a longer shelf life and to give you the best experience of versatility while playing. To provide you with the topmost comfortable days Indian base design comes with head and lumbar support to give your spine an erect position. For longer life it is equipped with a steel frame and polyurethane cushioning.

  • 360° rotating caster wheels
  • 3D armrest with soft pu pad
  • 180° tilt
  • 1 year warranty

Casa Copenhagen Professional SS Gaming Chair

No matter what your gaming position will be this professional gaming chair is equipped with 180° till technology show that you can have any position lock on tilt to find your comfort. Keeping people’s demand in mind it is designed with pu castor wheels for easy movement and comfort. Lumber support and head pillows gives it a pure look and feature of a gaming chair.

  • Multipurpose chair ( can be used in office Banks and home)
  • Large size cushion
  • Design for longer sitting hours
  • Made of premium Italian leather
  • 120 kg load capacity

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