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Best eyebrow pencil in India

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We all want beautiful well-groomed and stunning eyebrows! Owning a full and fashioned eyebrow can undoubtedly increase the sharpness of your facial structure and makeup. Beautiful eyebrows can make you the head-turner of all moments.

Eyebrow Pencil is also great for filling in a few hairs that might be missing. You can create different bold looks with your eyebrows using eyebrow pencils.

To arrange the ideal and perfect look, you must choose a good eyebrow pencil that satisfies your brow effectively!

So today we look into some of the best eyebrow pencils in India!

1. Miss Claire Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil With Mascara Brush

Miss Claire cosmetics are of high quality, stylish, affordable and are formed using the excellent ingredients that care for your skin. Their products are built following the European Standards.

Miss Claire Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil With Mascara Brush lets you style and shape your eyebrows in just one stroke! It is a multi-functional and deeply pigmented brow product. It also comes with a brush to build natural-looking eyebrows immediately. This both sided eyebrow pencil implements colour with the narrow tip on one side and combs your brows with the brush with the opposite end. It lets you create well-defined eyebrows and a perfect curve instantly!

This product is waterproof. It moulds, styles and packs your brows for a natural finish

This product is easy to use. It is great for last-minute applications too!

Retails at 125 on Nykaa.


2. Swiss Beauty Eyebrow Pencil

Swiss beauty is one of the world’s fastest-growing cosmetic brand. A complete beauty stop for all beauty enthusiasts with regularly innovating products of the highest quality all at affordable prices.

Give your brows a unique style with the Swiss Beauty Eyebrow Pencil! An ultra-slim pencil that is excellent for drawing and detailing your brows. It provides you with a natural-looking beautiful arch for your brows. The formula is waterproof and it guarantees that there are no smudges and your brows will look charming all day long. This product is a perfect cosmetic tool for drawing your brows and giving them specific detail. It helps to add texture and gives your brows the appearance of fuller-looking brows. This product also includes a soft and long-lasting brush.

Retails at 65 on Nykaa.


3. ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eyebrow

You can draw really elegant and precise brows, and stretch in between your brow hair using ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eyebrow. This brow pencil is a long-wearing product. It has a sumptuously pigmented and even gliding formula that delivers application effortlessly. The spoolie is built with a definite girth to combine the colour smoothly. This product immediately forms, styles and supplies colour in scattered areas. It has a highly pigmented formula along with a soft texture.

Retails at 234 on Nykaa and 260 on the official website.


4. Blue Heaven Artisto Eyebrow Roll With Styler

Blue Heaven Artisto Eyebrow Pencil is the ideal product for building hair-like strokes that will last you all day long. This eyebrow pencil has vegetable oils as its key ingredients that help in nourishing and preserving your brows. The excellent blend of essential pigments and moisturising elements makes it easy to accomplish great results. This eyebrow definer holds a slanted point that provides precise results. Blue Heaven Artisto Eyebrow Pencil features a highly pigmented formula. It is long-lasting, almost stays put for up to 5 hours! It is waterproof and smudge-proof.

Retails at 135 on Nykaa and 150 on the official website.


5. Benefit Cosmetics Precisely

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely has a super fine eyebrow pencil that draws amazingly natural-looking strokes. It will last almost 12 smudge-proof hours. A few strokes of the deep yet blendable colour will change your brows from vague and unclear to full and defined eyebrows.

Retails at ₹1340 on Nykaa.


6. Lakme Black EyeBrow Pencil

Deliver the shape of your eyebrows with the Lakme Eyebrow Pencil. This eyebrow pencil provides a well-defined and combed shape to your eyebrows. Perfectly emphasised eyebrows can be made noticeable by this pencil. This waterproof eyebrow pencil is long-lasting! It is smudge-free and waterproof. Lakme has a wide product range uniquely crafted by specialists for Indian skin.

Get a dramatic and bold effect using Lakme Black EyeBrow Pencil!

Retails at ₹70 on Nykaa.


7. Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Cream Pencil

Classic and brushed brows are easily acquirable now with the Maybelline New York New Fashion Brow Cream Pencil! This brow pencil gives you the natural-looking, striking brows ever! With a new and enhanced formula, you can now have enduring brows for up to at least 12 hours. This product provides complete heatproof, waterproof impact to your brows. The smooth formulation guarantees a good pay-off. The pencil features an extremely creamy and blendable formula.

Retails at ₹205 on Nykaa.

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