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Top 5 Best Exercise Bicycles for Indoor Training 2021 (Lockdown Special)

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Exercise bicycles are great alternatives to outdoor bicycles if you don’t own one, or don’t have the time to go for a ride. They’re stationary, effectively burn a decent amount of calories and you’re able to keep track of everything from your BPM, distance covered to the number of calories burnt.

They come in many different models, each one better than the next. The main muscles worked during utilisation are the quadriceps and hamstrings in the upper leg, along with the gastrocnemius and soleus in the calf.

Extremely popular in gyms as well as home gyms, they’re quite an essential. Exercise bikes are so popular that a lot of fitness centres even offer spin classes where people cycle to upbeat music, a form of HIIT exercise.

So it entirely depends on what you’re going for. To help you out, here are some of the best exercise bikes to make sure you never skip leg day.

Best Exercise Bicycles for Indoor Training

PowerMax Fitness BU-200

PowerMax Fitness BU-200

The first has to be an upright bike. The PowerMax Fitness BU-200 allows you to get your cardio in without too much noise, tracks all your statistics and doesn’t take up much space. It’s parts are easily adjusted based on your body type, and come in nice colours.

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

The Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle is a dual action bike that also comes in customisable colours and an adjustable seat. It’s good for strength training and can be used as a cross trainer. It has multiple workout options such as cushion handle grips, resistance knobs, non slip wide pedals with straps.

Cockatoo CXB-03 Smart Series Table X

Cockatoo CXB-03 Smart Series Table X

This ones a cool one. The Cockatoo CXB-03 Smart Series Table X is a multipurpose exercise bicycle. It is a normal exercise bicycle with a connected desktop attached to it. This ones for all the multitaskers and workaholics who want to get in a good workout but can’t get away from their desks. The cycle comes with an outfitted padded seat to ensure comfort while you study/work and burn calories simultaneously.

Welcare WC1588

Welcare WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Welcare WC1588 exercise bike is a recumbent one which has a comfortable backrest which is adjustable, a pulse monitor and takes about 120 kilograms. Of course, with features like these it’s bound to be on the pricey side, but worth your money.

Fitkit FK717 Steel 

Fitkit Spinner Exercise Bike

The Fitkit FK717 Steel exercise bike is a spin bike which is easily available on Amazon. The best part about this bicycle is that it comes with a free personal dietician for three months and a one time personal trainer plan along with consultation from a doctor. It’s a pretty sweet deal, considering it’s also at an affordable price. It’s features include a lock foot pedal to ensure a firm grip as you pedal.

With most of these exercise bikes, you must be willing to shell out a large amount of money, since even the cheapest bicycle ranges between 10,000 to 15,000 rupees. Or just pay for a membership and use one from there!

More information about Exercise Bike

There’s been a debate on whether exercise bikes are truly beneficial or not, and whether they are replacing actual bicycles. That’s definitely not happening, as cyclists still exist, but whether or not it’s better or worse, is questionable.

For one, since it’s stationery and there’s more control on the speed, it puts less strain on your joints. There are different types too, depending on your requirements. You have upright bikes, most popular and similar to a regular bicycle, with the pedals under your body.

Recumbent bikes have a larger seat that let you sit in a reclined position away from the pedals. Then, for a more challenging and intensive workout, there’s a dual action bike, similar to an elliptical, with handlebars moving back and forth for your upper body while you’re pedalling, ensuring a full body workout.

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