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Top 5 Best Earphones under 400rs in India (2023)

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Want to buy the “Best Earphones in India” in the budget price range. Earphones have become a part of our digital life. Music always makes us feel good in sadness and gives us a boost to live in happiness. To bring your listening experience to a greater level, you will need a perfect sound quality earphone.

Today’s earphones have become an essential requirement for us, whether listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or media content. Buyers are spoilt for selection when they arrive in this booming class. In 2021, we see a massive shift in the user audio industry to wireless earphones – especially true wireless IEMs. But due to their high pricing, most people don’t feel comfortable using them, i.e. traditional wired earphones are still popular and advancing with top-notch technology. To provide buyers with a downright sensational experience without paying so much.

Buying earphones have never been more perplexing. To keep this sensation flow, one needs the Best earphones or a headset. Household names such as Bose, Jabra, JBL, Sony, and Sennheiser and less-established names such as Boat and Skullcandy ventured into this less-trodden path. So, we have resolved all your enigmas here and curated a list of some of the best headphones in India under 400/-. For professional and die-hard music lovers out there. Now you don’t have to look for Impedance, Sensitivity and Frequency Response or any other technicality because While arranging this list, we examined a couple of vital points such as music loudness, microphone, type, voice crisp, bass quality, remote, cord quality, and cord type. To make your decision simpler, If you are looking for some premium earbuds, then you can go with earphones for Rs.400 in Indian Market. 

1) Boult Audio BassBuds X1

One of the best earphones to buy is listening to music, songs, playing music, watching movies, and much more. The build quality is excellent, and it is very well designed to wear for a more extended period.

The design and look are very sporty and come in handy while running, walking, and doing other cardio activities. The mid and high sound levels are outstanding. There could be a better improvement for low levels. However, the sound tone is very crispy, and the best part is that it supports all devices.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • premium finish
  • 10MM powerful Driver
  • lightweight
  • Ear fins for Snug fit
  • killer reinforced cable

2) Mi Earphone Basic

Here come the Mi basic earphones, which are also an excellent option under this price range. The build features of this product are decent, and it comes with a tangle-free cable.

The bass and the sound quality of this earphone is fantastic. The ultra-deep bass features to listen to high bass songs. Talking out about its technical specs, the frequency response range is from 20-20,000Hz with 32Ω impedance.


  • If you are using a Mi phone, then this is the best compatible budget earphone for you.
  • For this price range, this is the absolute best.
  • Perfect sound with good noise cancellation.
  • Aluminium alloy built and robust 10 mm drivers.
  • It also comes with a tangle-free cable.

3) Realme Buds

 Realme does stand out in providing excellent quality products under the best range. The same goes for earphones. Realme Buds are perfect earphones under 400 as we have personally used them for a while. The build quality is also good, with good bass and mid-levels.

It is half in-ear earphones which makes it more comfortable while using for a more extended time. It comes with richer bass technology that provides a good bass level to listen to music and songs.


  • 14.2mm Large Audio Driver
  • Richer Bass
  • in-line HD Microphone
  • built-in Single Button Remote
  • comfortable half in-ear Design
  • built-in Cable organizer

4) boAt BassHeads 100

The fantastic looking boAt BassHeads 100 is a perfect option earphone to buy under 400 rs in India. This earphone’s sound quality is fantastic, and the build quality is good but not the best.

Honestly, if you are looking for just earphones that will make your work done without bass quality, you should go for this. But if you are looking for earphones that have good bass quality, then this is not the choice for you.


  • Perfect fit
  • Perfect length with in-line microphone
  • Super extra bass
  • No problem in talking on long calls at night, playing games, or attending zoom calls on the laptop.
  • This is loud enough; 2nd highest level is enough.

Just buy this, you will be satisfied.

5) PTron HBE5 Raptor

PTron makes a beast earphone name PTron HBE5 Raptor, and this earphone delivers impeccable sound. You will be ready to encounter crisp highs, steady treble, and bass.


  • In-ear Ergonomic & Lightweight Earbuds
  • 10mm Dynamic Drivers
  • precise Structure
  • 1.2m Flat TPE cable
  • Stereo Earphone With Bass

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