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Best DSLR Camera Buying Guide India

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DSLR or digital single-lens reflex camera is one type of camera that combines both the optics and its mechanisms with a sensor of digital imaging. The DSLR cameras are available in different price range and are of various brands.

The features of a DSLR camera need to be studied by the buyers before purchasing the best one among all. This article for best DSLR buyers guide will help you out to study the details of a camera. These cameras are slightly different from the digital cameras.

Moreover, a DSLR camera is best for those who want to do serious photography or want to choose photography as their profession.

This buying guide will help you out to study all the features of a DSLR before buying one.

DSLR Camera Buying Guide

Lenses of the DSLR camera

Lenses are one of the most important features of a DSLR camera. The quality of the photo depends on the lens of the camera. The buyer should choose their ideal camera which should have system of lenses that are compatible enough. The actual quality of the image depends upon the type of lens. Moreover, it is a deciding factor between professional photographs and simple snapshots. Lenses are available in various sizes. One must see to it whether they are compatible with the bodies of the camera.

Types of Sensors

The quality of sensors is another important feature to look at before buying a DSLR camera.

  1. Medium Format Cameras- This is the best type of sensor and it is the largest sensor. With this sensor, the quality of the camera is said to be the best. Additionally, the dimension of this sensor is 55mm X 40mm.
  2. Full-Frame Sensors- This is a high quality sensor  with a dimension of 35mm X 24mm. It helps in clicking high quality pictures with ease. As the dimension is large and the area is large, it captures better image.
  3. Crop Sensors- This are the cheapest sensors. The size of this sensor varies according to various brands.
  4. 1/4th Sensors- These sensors are best for travellers as they can be packed easily. On the other hand the quality of the sensor is poor.

Mega Pixel and Resolution of a DSLR camera

This is a key factor of a DSLR camera. The mega pixel resolution must be checked before buying a camera. More mega pixel of a camera does not mean that the quality of the picture will be good. The sensors are far more important to look before buying a camera.

The Quality of the Image

The image quality is the first thing that one must focus on before buying a camera. If the buyer wants the best click then the best sensor size and megapixel resolution will help them to do so.

Adaptability of a DSLR

Before buying a DSLR camera one needs to also test the adaptability of it. One must check whether the camera can click good quality pictures in the day hours as well as at nights. Moreover, the camera must have the capability to click pictures in various modes and conditions. The adaptability feature is important.

ISO range should be Large

The term ISO of the camera means light sensitivity. Light adjustment is also important to study. More the range of ISO, brighter will be the image that you click. ISO is of various ranges as well. Moreover, ISO is also known as the amount of light that the film of the camera can absorb to click a best photo. However, most DSLR cameras can adjust the ISO ranges according to the need.

The Optical View Finder

Another name of a view finder is the mirrors. This is an important factor one must observe before buying a DSLR camera. This mirror will help the users to click the exact replica of the image that can be seen on the sensor. Better quality of optical finders is found on DSLR cameras that are expensive.

  • Some advanced DSLR cameras have some advanced features like Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and last but not the least a built in HDR.
  • The Wi-Fi helps to share the photos instantly to others that you have clicked.
  • The GPS will help you to track location and also helps to have images with their locations.
  • NFC is another way to share your clicked images with your nearby devices.
  • The HDR which is in-built will help the users to click high resolution pictures.

10 Top DSLR camera brand in India

  1. Canon
  2. Nikon
  3. Sony
  4. Fujifilm
  5. Panasonic
  6. Kodak
  7. GoPro
  8. Leica
  9. Polaroid
  10. Olympus

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