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Best dishwasher in India | Best Dishwasher for Indian Cooking – 2022

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It turns out to be a very difficult task when even for preparing some easy dishes you have a great number of utensils to wash. I will help you to find Best Dishwasher for Indian Cooking. In this article, you will get to know more about the Best dishwashers for Indian Kitchen.

Cooking food is a great fun and serving them in different cutleries is an amazing feeling but what
about the washing of the utensils which you get after cooking. I am sure nowadays most amazing dishes are made in the microwave.

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A dishwasher is a dishwashing machine that automatically washes the dirty utensils and says your great time different dishwashers come with different features and work differently. These days latest dishwashers have front door technology which is Available with different compartments.

It uses water spray technology to wash dishes. To save energy it is designed to recycle water and hence it’s an energy-efficient device.

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Best Dishwasher for Indian Kitchen

If you have no more time to explore, here you can select Best Dishwasher for you easily.

ProductBest For
Voltas Beko 8 Place SettingsOverall Best Dishwasher with Bestseller and Lowest price
Bosch 13 Place Settings DishwasherBest Dishwasher for High Quality
IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic DishwasherBest built-in dishwasher

7 Best dishwasher in India

Out off number of choices available in the market, it is difficult to choose the best hands here is the list of some amazing dishwashers with their features so that choosing the best dishwasher for your kitchen can be easy.

1. Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher

Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher


  • Brand: Voltas Beko
  • Control type: Fully intregated
  • Comprehensive product :2 year
  • Motor: 5 year

Product Description

Made up of stainless steel body this dishwasher is designed with up to eight place settings which can wash up to 96 different vessels. Not only this it comes with six different wash programs to give an effective cleaning to your delicate as well as hard utensils.

With all these features this dishwasher is one of the best dishwashers available in the market and best for Indian kitchens. Written inbuilt heater which can raise the water temperature to 70° Celsius to remove the stubborn stains from your kadai this dishwasher can hold a capacity of up to 8 l water for a cycle.

Being the best dishwasher in the market it is known for its compact design so that it can easily fit in a small area of your kitchen and comes along a warranty of 2 years.

2. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher


  • Brand: Bosh
  • Control type: Fully electronic
  • Material: stainless steal
  • Warrnety: 2 years

Product Description

This is the best dishwasher for an Indian kitchen since it comes with 12 different place setting for
different utensils using plates spoons bowls and big balls such as kadhai which can give an effective washing to your utensils.

To protect the scrap from entering into the pump this dishwasher comes with filter technology. Has spray arms for spraying of water with the power so that dishes can bewashed and stubborn stains can be removed.

Prevents breakage of delicate utensils it is known for best performance in Indian kitchens. Can make the water temperature to rise up to 70° Celsius this dishwasher is an energy efficient and time-saving device.

3. LG 14 Place Settings Wi – Fi Dishwasher

LG 14 Place Settings Wi – Fi Dishwasher


  • Brand: LG
  • Control type: Fully integated
  • Material: stainless steal
  • Warrnety: 2 years

Product Description

It uses steam wash technology to wash all the dirty utensils. It’s powerful Steam leave your utensils clean and shiny after wash. It’s multi-motion spray arms remove the dirt from every direction and every angle.

Comes with 14 place settings for different types of utensils so that their efficient cleaning can be performed by the device. It is an efficient and reliable device on which you can realize for saving all yours precious time which you spend in the kitchen just simply washing the huge pile of dishes.

Being another renowned brand of LG this dishwasher has amazing LG thank you technology which makes it’s the best dishwasher in the market with nine different wash programs. Also comes along 2 year warranty on the product and 10 year warranty on the motor.

4. Godrej Eon Dishwasher

Godrej Eon Dishwasher


  • Brand: Gordej
  • Control type: Fully integated
  • Material: steal
  • Warrnety: 2 years

Product Description

This dishwasher can wash up to 91 utensils at a time which can be a pressure cooker a cry a bowl a spoon a dish or a plate depending upon the type of utensils you used but suitable for all Indian

Uses steam wash technology and hence gives you a no stain output of the dishes. It’s smart wash technology automatically decides the temperature depending upon the particle present onyour dishes.

It is known for its energy efficient work because of the presence of BLDC inverter. . Not
only this it has some amazing features such as it is given a plus plus energy efficient rating by
European standards and comes with 14 minutes jet wash technology known for its eco wash. With its antibacterial filter this dishwasher can store water up to 9 l per cycle.

5. Onida 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Onida 12 Place Settings Dishwasher


  • Brand: Onida
  • Control type: Button
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warrnety: 1 year

Product Description

Comes in your pocket friendly budget this dishwasher comes with 12 different place settings to
watch different utensils of every kitchen. It’s half load wash technology lets you watch the utensils even if the dish dishwasher is not loaded completely.

Can heat the water up to 69 degrees Celsius this dishwasher kills all the bacteria and gives you an efficient cleaning removing all the oily and stubborn particles from the utensils. Manufacturer States the dishwasher has been designed after observing the need of Indian kitchen for 40 years hence understands the best need of your kitchen.

Comes with a plus plus energy rating and smart water sensor. Keeping your safety and family safety in mind this dishwasher comes with child lock technology. Also comes along the warranty of one year on the product.

6. Faber FFSD 6PR 8S Ace Inox Dishwasher

Faber FFSD 6PR 8S Ace Inox  Dishwasher


  • Brand: Faber
  • Control type: Intensive normal
  • Material: Stainless steal
  • Warrnety: 2 year

Product Description

Made up of stainless steel body comes with eight different place setting this dishwasher is easily
available on different online platforms and that to in your budget with some amazing features such as six different wash programs for rapid eco and multiple cleaning methods to wash every kind of utensils and every kind of stains.

Rather it is designed to save water and can wash dishes only at 10 l per cycle. To give you a hygienic and bacteria free cleaning this dishwasher rises the temperature of water up to 69 degrees Celsius and removes every oil from your utensils.

Now get super clean dishes ready within minutes without any Hassel and worries. The product comes with up to 2 year warranty on the product.

7. IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher


  • Brand: IFB
  • Control type: Fulle Automatic
  • Form factor : front loading
  • Warrnety: 2 year

Product Description

With eight different wash programs, this dishwasher has some amazing feature that makes it
different from the other available in the market. It has an LED indicator and can rises the
temperature of water up to 70° Celsius to remove all the bacteria and give you hygiene clean.

Comes with 12 different place settings this dishwasher is specially designed for Indian utensils. It’s flexible half load dishwashing technology and steam wash technology ads and additional stars to its amazing features.

Comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and an 8-year warranty on the spare parts. Its child lock technology ensures your safety and this dishwasher is also known for its energy-efficient work.

Best Dishwasher for Indian Cooking

Generally washing your tensile takes a large part of your time in the kitchen not only that using your hands to wash dishes also damages the skin of your hand and leaves it rough and dull.
To protect your hands and your time these days are very innovative machines known as dishwashers are available in the market. We also help you know about different dishwashers in India.

Best Dishwasher Brands

  • LG
  • Bosch
  • Stylista
  • Godrej
  • Whirlpool
  • Faber
  • Jackson
  • Siemens

Buying Guide for Best Dishwasher in India

The dishwasher is nothing but a machine that replaces traditional human dishwashers. Dishwasher helps reduce the extra manual works like scrubbing hard and cleaning the dishes and utensils. Now, you do not need to appoint a dishwasher woman to clean your utensils neither do you have to wash manually at home.

It’s high time to continue wasting energy and money on traditional methods. Another important reason to buy dishwashers is apart from cleaning they also reduces the risk of bacteria that may stay up if you choose to wash with hands and soap.

If you are about to buy a dishwasher, then you have to consider few things that’s written below in-order to go for a right product that meets your requirements.

  • Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of the dishwasher determine the number of utensils that can be washed per cycle. The basic ideal sizes would be either 18-inch or 24-inch. If you are a family of total 3-4 members, 18-inch compact dishwasher would be fine. But, if you are a quite large family with 4-6 members, a regular 24-inch dishwasher would be ideal.

  • Built-in dishwasher vs  Counter dishwasher

The choice is completely yours to decide whether to buy built-in or counter dishwasher. For installing built-in dishwasher, you need to decide upon a permanent space to load since it’s immovable.

You also need an inlet pipe and outlet duct to be connected to the drain. On the other hand, for the counter dishwashers, you do not need installation as they are compact and portable. It is also more economical than the previous.

The one disadvantage about choosing counter over built-in is the capacity. If the members in the family are not more than 4, then this is not actually a disadvantage.

  • Water Cycles

There are numerous wash settings available in dishwashers. Light wash, regular wash, heavy wash and other settings. These different settings would require different amounts of water, energy and detergent. Since dishwashers are always exposed to large amounts of water and detergents, a stainless interior would be a better option to consider. A stainless steel dishwasher has a steel washing arm that helps prevent rusting.

  • Hard Water Compatibility

If the concentration of water has more than 120mg/l calcium carbonate, then it is considered as hard water. This would make it hard to remove stains. Therefore, check the type of water in your place. If it seems to be as hard water, then you have to buy a dishwasher that is capable of converting the hard water into soft to avoid the problem.

  • Noise Level

The one problem with electric appliances are most of them produce sounds that could cause irritation sometimes, If you are someone who is too sensitive to sounds, you have to understand that such like every other kitchen appliances, dishwashers also do produces sound. The high level is< 40 dB, mid level= 50dB, low-level is +50dB.  Consider the noise level for your greater convenience.

  • Number of stacks

A normal standard dishwasher comes with two racks to stack utensils. There are also other options available, that is with just one rack or few extra racks or even baskets to place mugs, bottles, cups and more. This option is purely convenience based.

Even though, these new innovations were found few years ago, us people are so reluctant to adopt new changes. You can avoid unwanted energy, money as well as water wastage through these dishwashers.

Types of Dishwashers

As we discussed the buying guide for best dishwasher, we also came across and slightly touched upon the two different types of dishwasher. But basically, there is also another type.

Anyway here is the most common and famous types of dishwasher available until now in detail. Hope you find the one that befits you after reading this blog. There are three main types found in normal households.

  • Built In Dishwasher

We started with this product in our list because this type is like the bestseller among dishwashers. Yes, they are the most popular model among most households.

You should need to think about a permanent installation place because as the name suggests, this product is built-in dishwasher and they are not movable. They require independent connections to plumbing. Standard built-in dishwashers is usually 24 inches wide. For smaller living quarters, you can also find compact models of 18inch.

Some of the most popular brands and models of built in dishwasher in India are IFB Neptune VX, Bosch, Faber FBID 8PR 14S and Whirlpool 14.

  • Portable Dishwasher

Unlike built-in dishwashers, Portable dishwashers can be moved from one place to other and they are quite compact too. So, if you think your kitchen doesn’t have enough space for installing in your cabinets. Then you can go for portable dishwashers.

They can be connected to your sinks and doesn’t need plumbing. You only need an adapter for your sink and the dishwasher can be installed quickly.

You can adapt this product if you live in a rented house or constantly change places as they can be transported easily and are also cheaper than the built-in dishwashers.

Some of the most popular brands of portable dishwashers in India are Whirlpool, Hot point, Electrolux and Samsung

  • Drawer Dishwasher

These dishwashers are a popular style in custom kitchens. This model opens by pulling out and opening like drawers. Loading and unloading stuff are actually simpler compared to the other models.

Some of the most popular brands of drawer dishwashers in India are Voltas, Faber, KAFF and Hafele.

FAQs related dishwasher

How much time a dishwasher takes?

This parameter is judged by the dishwasher sensor that how dirty or cleans your utensils are. On average, the dishwasher consumes about 1 to 2 hours time for average washing off your utensils.

Is dishwasher worth buying in India?

The dishwasher can play a very important role in the Indian kitchen where cooking is a major job and resulting utensils is a difficult task. Indian houses generally use 60 to 70 utensils for one time cooking needs and hence washing all such utensils by hand consumes lots of time. But with a dishwasher, this task becomes extremely easy and a time saver for every Indian kitchen.

Which type of dishwasher is good?

Although the bosch dishwasher series is considered to be the best dishwasher series when it comes to choosing what kind of dishwashers are good than it is recommended to use a dishwasher which has a steel tub installed because it is designed to drive faster and last longer with the removal of order and oil.

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