Best Blankets for heavy Winter in India -2023

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We know that more blankets are purchased and used during winters. People like to purchase the best luxurious blanket which makes them feel the warmth. Every individual has different tastes and choices therefore different brands, colours, quality types of blankets are made and sold in the markets. People try to purchase the best quality blanket which gives them more satisfaction value.
Here are 15 best blankets for winters mentioned and explained in the following ways-


Microfiber Extra Soft Double Bed Blanket

This is a double layered soft touch blanket made to give comfortable sleep. The pattern of the blanket is based on floral which makes it an attractive and a good look . It absorbs moisture because this is a breathable blanket. The instruction to keep it safe and clean is dry cleaning and machine washing.

  • Gives a comfort to its users and can be used anywhere.
  • The blanket is based on soft texture.
  • The blanket is breathable which helps to absorb moisture.
  • The blanket is attractive and can be easliy washed.
  • It is costlier for some users.

King size heavy winter blanket

This is a beautiful heavy blanket with a magenta colour. The pattern of this blanket is based on floral designing which gives a very good look to it. Three layers of wool is used with 100% brushed wool. This is a multipurpose blanket which can be used anywhere at home like covering while sitting on a coutch, enjoying the movies and etc. To keep the blanket neat and clean it is instructed to wash gently in washing machines and ironing and bleaching of the blanket should be avoided.

  • The design pattern is great and beautiful.
  • It can be used for multi-purpose.
  • Gives a comfortable sleep.
  • Provides higher satisfaction value to its users by giving warmth.
  • Heavy in its weight.
  • Washing should be done by care.
  • Costly for some Customers.

Microfiber throws blanket

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This is a soft blanket for double bed users along with 2.45L*2.28W meters in dimension. A cotton fabric is used to make this blanket so that person can feel the warmth and higher satisfaction.
This blanket is stitched with the help of a machine and every grid of the blanket is full and well proportioned.
The blanket is based on a solid pattern and is also instructed to be washed in the washing machines carefully.

  • Soft and comfortable for its users.
  • Gives good sleep.
  • Stiching and filling of the blanket are absoulety good and fine.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Gentle care is required to keep it safe and clean.

Luxury winter blanket

This is a polar bear super soft blanket made for winters for double bed users.100%polyster is used to make this blanket and is instructed to keep it safe by not bleaching, not ironing , not twisting and tumble dry is also prohibited.

  • The blanket is very soft and smooth which gives a great look .
  • High quality blanket for comfortable sleep.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Costly for middle class family.
  • It requires a care to keep it safe and durable.
  • Washing and cleaning of the blanket should be done with care.

Double Bed Comforter Reversible Blanket

This is a breathable blanket with a soft and fluffy touch it provides more awareness to its users and is easily washable in the machines.A double corner tab is given in the blanket. The blanket is based on top quality.

  • The blanket is Super soft and comfortable in sleeping.
  • The blanket has Fluffy and smooth quality to make it different from others.
  • The blanket us Easily Washable in the machines for cleaning.
  • The blanket is heavy in its weight.
  • Bleaching and ironing should not be done .

Polyfibre 180 TC Blanket

This is a blanket made with polyfibre fabric which gives warmth and comfort in sleeping to its users. The quality of the blanket is also good and is soft .The blanket is easily washable in the machines.

  • It is light in its weight so that customers can sleep comfortably.
  • It is Soft in its quality.
  • It is comfortable among the customers.
  • Do not provide much satisfaction Among the customers.

Microfibre Printed Blanket

The blanket is made with 100% microfibre. The blanket gives a rich and luxurious look which makes t more attractive. Machine stitched pattern is used to keep the filling in place for durability. This is a type of Soft and lightweight blanket made to give a higher level of satisfaction value to its users.

  • The blanket is value for money.
  • It provides comfort and softness feeling to its users.
  • It is durable.
  • Designing and stitching pattern is excellent.
  • Some consumers feel that the quality of the fabric is not much good.
  • The blanket requires Dry washing.

Supersoft, Warm and Decorative Blanket

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This blanket is based on 100% premium microfiber polyester fabric. It is a blanket that is more thicker and warmer than others. The thicker design gives softness to the blanket, The weight of the blanket is comfortable but it is enough to keep protected and warm.

  • The Quality of the blanket is pure and Good.
  • The blanket is thicker and warmer .
  • It is Comfortable.
  • travel friendly.
  • Customers need to take care while washing the blanket into the machine.

Polyster double ac blanket

This is a soft and warm blanket made for its users to give them warmth and soft touch. This is a soft and fluffy based blanket made for the customers to give them comfort and good sleep.The Upper Material used in the blanket is Flannel.The Lower Material used in the blanket is Sherpa.This is a Double-layered blanket.

  • It is based on a unique stylish design.
  • It is not an eletric blanket which is very good part oft and makes it quite different form other blankets.
  • It can be used for both mild and heavy winter.
  • Cannot be ironed and bleached.

Microfibre Reversible Comforter, Double Blanket

The blanket is light weighted and suitable for use during spring and winter seasons.The Blanket is based on machine-washable in cold water. It is instructed to tumble dry on low heat, and do not bleach, dry clean or iron the blanket.

  • The temperature is regulated so that the users don’t feel sweaty.
  • It provides a luxurious and rich feel.
  • It stays cushiony.
  • It is costlier for some users.
  • It requires dry cleaning.

Woollen Printed Mink Luxury Blanket

This is a fine quality Polyester based blanket and the blanket is stitched in India with South Korean machines to get good cushioning effect. The blanket provides comfort and long lasting life to its users. It gives a luxury and rich look.

  • The fine quality of fabric is used to give comfort and warmness.
  • It gives a rich and luxurious look.
  • The life span of the blanket is for linger time.
  • The prints are not too good.

Soft Touch 100% Cotton Single Bed Blanket

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This is a blanket in which 100% combed cotton is used in its upper material and flannel in the inner. This blanket is 100%washable.No Bad Smell is thereafter a wash.It is a Light Weight and Non- Allergic blanket. The blanket can be hand washed or machine washed and it should not be bleached.

  • No bad smell is there after washing.
  • Non allergic.
  • Light weighted.
  • Comfortable.
  • Travel friendly.
  • The Purchaser feels that they are giving more than required price.

Light Weight Single Bed Blanket

This blanket provides warmness and a soft texture to its users and it also gives maximum comfort to them so that can feel relaxed and good in it. The fabric used in making this blanket is 100% Polyester which is used to give super soft toch that will remain for many years .

  • No shrinkage is found after washing and drying the blanket.
  • Comfortable.
  • Value for money.
  • Soft and rich in its look.
  • Long lasting.
  • Some purchaser finds quality issue in it.

Home Plain Super Soft Glace Cotton Blanket

This is a double bed blanket made with micro Polyester fabric used in it. This is a blanket with Cotton and no colour fading is there.It is well finished and best in quality. It also provides soft touch to its users. The blanket is baaed on machine wash and is Dryable. Use Of Strong detergent is prohibited.

  • No colour fading is there so it is the best part of it.
  • It provides rich and luxurious look.
  • Comfortable.
  • Washable.
  • Value for money.
  • Provides extra warmness which leads to sweating.

Ultra Soft Floral Winter Blanket

This is a purple coloured ultra-soft touch blanket which gives a luxurious and attractive look to it. This blanket is having a good texture and smoothness to that the user can feel more comfortable and will easily sleep in it. It is a light weight and gives warmth to the users. The blanket provides a maximum level of satisfaction.It can be easily carried for outgoings.

  • The blanket provides maximum comfort to its users.
  • The blanket do not shed and is durable.
  • It can be washed in machines.
  • The blanket is worthy and valuable.
  • It cannot be ironed and dry cleaned.
  • Bleaching is also prohibited.
  • It gives irritation for sensitive skin.

Buying guide for best Winter Blanket

During winters, due to cold, we like to purchase different types of blankets based on their quality, colour, brand, price and etc. so that we could protect and cover ourselves while sleeping and also feel comfortable But,to buy the good and best quality of the blanket still many of us don’t have perfect knowledge.

Sometimes, people purchase a blanket that does not give so much value. So, to have a clear idea about purchasing the good and best quality types of blanket a customer should purchase a buying guide of the blanket so that he/she has the good knowledge about blankets.

Use of Buying Guide for Winter Blanket

  • The use of purchasing guide for winter blankets tells us that a blanket should be purchased in such a way that it may give value and higher level of satisfaction that the part of money spent on makes it worthy.
  • The guide explains about a detailed information and knowledge about the blanket like wool blankets, microfiber, feathery blanket and etc. The blankets made from wool give less wramth than microfiber because this is made up of synthetic fiber and synthetic give more warmness.whereas the feathery blankets are those blankets which are special types of blanket made to give an attractive look as well as warness in comparison of others.Such types of blankets are are neither to heavy nor to light but comfortable.
  • Buying a winter guide will enables an individual to understand the quality ,texture and a material used in it will give higher level of satifaction ir not.
  • The winter blanket guide also tells about where the good and quality blankets are made and which place is famous ir popular for purchasing winter blankets .Example- Jammu & kashmir is well known for purchasing winter blankets, clothes and etc.
  • It tells a customer about how to identify the best and good quality of blankets available in the market place by explaining the informarion about the quality test of a pure wollen winter blankets. Example- To identify a pure pashmina made blankets will pass the finger test if it is pure .
  • The winter blanket guide is really very usefull to the users because it also tells about how to keep the blanket safe and clean. It explains about how to clean a winter blanket so that its quality and textue is maintained fir longer time.
  • A benefit of purchasing the winter blanket guide a person will come to know about where he /she should invest his/her money more in purchasing a best and pure form winter blankets so that a consumer will be more satisfied and recieves its value .

Steps for Purchasing the Winter Blanket

STEP -1: A person should first need to identify the material and fabrics used in the blanket are pure, best and good in quality. A purchaser must ensure that he/she is purchasing the right quality of the blanket by collecting detailed information from the guide that which types if materials are used to provide more warmth and value to them.

STEP – 2: The second step is to identify a good and best blanket is to identify the durability of the winter blanket which means that a purchaser should ensure that the blanket which he/she is going to purchase is durable for longer time. A purchaser should also check that stitches done in it is proper and is not broken from any where.

STEP – 3: The third step is to identify the size of the blanket which he/she is going to purchase according to their needs like single bed blankets or double bed blanket and etc.

STEP – 4: The last step is that a purchaser should select the blanket based on its colour and patterns.

For example– some blankets leave the colour after it is washed once into the machine so the person should properly check that the texture of colour is pure and will not be discloured after a wash. On the other hand, a purchaser should also make sure that what type of pattern he/she is choosing to purchase is according to theirs needs and wants.

For example– some persons like to purchase feathery and sift types of blankets because they like the softness and feels more comfortable in it but some of the people will like to purchase a microfibre type of blanket so that may feel luxurious and relax in, it should be purchased accordingly.


A person should purchase a winter blanket guide so that he/she has a clear idea of identifying and purchasing the best and pure form of winter blanket. It is a source that helps the person to understand the fabric and material used in making the winter blanket so that he /she will have a knowledge that which type of blanket will give more warmth in comparison of other blankets.

The winter blanket guide also gives adequate information about how to take care of those branded and pure blankets and how to clean it , what process should be used for its cleaning and caring. It gives every detailed information that which type of blanket is more suitable and comfortable in winters for getting warmth and good sleep.

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