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Best Bicycle Under 5000 in India

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We all love riding bicycles. Those who can’t wish they could. It’s thrilling, it’s relaxing and a low impact form of cardio. It also gets us to places much quicker at a much more eco-friendly rate. Some reasons to cycle would be if you want to tone your leg muscles, build stamina, shed off a few extra calories, or for reducing anxiety and depression.

Riding bicycles is also a fun way of going around to close by areas, whether it’s the market, park, school, college or your workplace. It helps avoid busy traffic by whizzing past quickly and smoothly.

There are several cycles you can choose from depending on your requirements. You have road bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes which are a mix of everything, folding bikes for leisure purposes, touring bikes for covering longer distances, triathlon bikes for athletes, tricycles and more. Here is a list of some of the best selling bicycle brands in India.

Hero Kyoto 26T

This bicycle is a mountain bike variation. Made of steel, its other features include double V breaks for controlling the ride, dual suspension technology for a jerk-free experience and other features such as an adjustable seat ensuring comfortable riding and light reflectors. Suitable for individuals above 12 years of age. It comes in a sleek black colour and one thing to keep in mind while buying it is that it does not come fully assembled. Retails at ₹4699.

Leader Scout 26T

This bike is also a mountain bike that has a rigid frame as well as an elevated height. The tires have a firm grip thus preventing skidding and ensuring more friction while still giving a smooth ride. Also made from steel, its rubber handles make it comfortable to grip onto as you ride, preventing chafing.

The saddle is adjustable and can be lowered or increased according to any height. The tires are durable and also comes with a chain guard. Comes in black and sea blue and retails at ₹4980.

Geekay Hashtag Road Bike

This bicycle which comes in a vibrant orange colour is a non-gear bike made of steel. It’s one of the most recently developed and launched bicycles under ₹5000. Its steel rims make it suitable for road performance and it comes along with all the other features that good quality bicycles come with. The tires are wide and it is aerodynamically designed to reduce air.

Hercules Brut Bicycle

This beautiful mountain bicycle comes in a firetruck red colour and is made of aluminium material. It is robust and hardy and can be beaten around easily without severe damage. The tires are multi-purpose and can be used in rocky areas as well. It had v breaks made of alloy which allow an abrupt halt when you need to. Generally more suitable for women, and the parts of this bicycle also need to be assembled and are sold separately.

Huffy Granite 26 inch

This is a road bike cum mountain bike made of steel and has an 18-inch frame. It contains a side stand with a rigid suspension. Available in black and green, this bicycle is not suited for everyone, only certain age ranges. Its pedals have light reflectors for safety on the road and the bike is single speed.

Mad Maxx Shocker Avenger 20T

It is a must to add a bicycle for kids on this list. This road bicycle is attractive to look at with its neon-bright paint and is suitable for children ages seven to ten. The bicycle has thick tires ensuring that they don’t get punctured easily with wear and tear. It also comes with a shocker which helps the bike to move smoothly without feeling too many bumps on uneven surfaces. It is made of aluminium and arrived only 85% assembled.

BtWin My Bike

The final bicycle under 5k is this hybrid bike by Decathlon. It’s single speed, most suitable for urban commuting or leisure riding. The tires and frame are designed specifically for countryside roads and tarmac roads. It had a wide adjustable seat with raised handlebars for better posture. Available currently only in white. Though it is priced very reasonably and easy on the budget, it is not widely

available across India, only found in remote locations or on their official website.
Retails at ₹4999.


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