[Top 10] Best Antibacterial Soap for body odor in India – January 2023

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In this blog I will feature Best Antibacterial Soap for body odor in India. this Antibacterial Soap blog will help you find Best Antibacterial Soap in India.

We use soap to wash our hands and body so that it can be kept clean and safe therefore antibacterial soap is good in removing bacteria from our hands and body.

We know day by day the company is launching it products according to the needs of the people so keeping this in mind the company innovated an antibacterial soap which not only removes germs but also avoids body odour and it brings freshness by giving good smell.
So , here are 10 best antibacterial saop for body odour in india …

Best Antibacterial Soap for body odor in India

Ketotosc Antifungal And Antibacterial Soap

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This is a natural bathing soap bar used for removing the skin problems and it is also used for washing the hair as a shampoo because it reduces hairfall problem.

MYOC Lemon Grass Soap

This is a lemon grass soap made from the use of pure lemon grass essential oil, glycerine and vitamin E which is used to remove bad body odour. It is used for moisturing, nourishing and fading acne. It gives all day freshness to it ts user. This soap is very good for healthy skin and removal of bad body odour. It removes blemishes and minimisez pores because it works as a toner which is used to tone the muscle and the tissues. It is also used for removing dryness

Savlon Moisturizing Glycerin soap

This is a moisturing glycerine soap bar used for protecting from germs by gentle moisturing. It gives soft and supple skin. It is used for protecting 100 disease causing germs. The best part of this product is that it is suitable for all skin types. This soap bar is used for family protection from germs.

Biotique Bio Basil Body Revitalizing Body Soap

This is a 100% ayurvedic soap used for revitalizing the body with pure fruits and vegetables extract. This soap is used to remove the issues of body and skin.

Santoor Sandalwood Organic Soft Bath Soap

This is a natural soap bar used to remove blemishes. It is used for providing freshness and moisturizing the skin with its goodness of ingredients like sandalwood,almond , milk and etc which gives fragrance and many more benefits to its user. It is suitable for all skin types. It gives younger looking skin.

Dettol Bar Soap

Dettol Bar Soap Original
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This is an antibacterial soap used for refreshing and healthy feeling. It is used to protect the skin, hands and body from germs and clean the skin because it has moisturizing agents. This soap is dermatologically tested.It is suitable for every use it provide long lasting fragrance and freshness.

MENSOME Anti Bacterial Bathing Soap

This is an antibacterial soap used for moisturing and soothing the skin, protects from skin acne, aczema, dandruff, athlete foot, body odour and etc. It acts as a refreshing product which gives all day fragrance to the users.

Cinthol Confidence+ Germ Protection Bath Soap

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This is a germ protecting bath soap which gives 99.9% of germ protection and insta deo fragrance. This soap is use to overcome dirt with cinthol Confidence+. This is grade 1 bathing soap with 76% TFM. It smells good and is safe to use.

Himalaya Neem and Turmeric Soap

This is a natural soap which is made from neem and turmeric to protect the skin from germs. It is used to purify and clean the skin. It is used for nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It is used to remove bad body odour by the goodness of neem and it also soothes itchiness issue of the body. It provides neem aroma to the users. It has good foaming and cleaning capability. This soap is best for bathing.

Medimix Ayurvedic Classic 18 Herbs Soap

This is a fast acting ayurvedic soap with 18 herbs which is use for naturally clearing and protecting the skin and body. It is made to prevent the body odour. It lightens the spots, used for providing the smoothness,it naturally increases the glow, acts as natural moisturizer. 5he best part of this product is that it itensely hydrates the skin and locks the skin moisture. It is used for soothing the itchiness and dryness of the skin.

Best Brand for antibacterial soap

  • Cinthol
  • MamaEarth
  • Beardo
  • ketotosc
  • Hygienix
  • Ustraa 


All the above were the 10 best antibacterial bathing soap to remove bad body odour in India to keep the skin and the body safe and protected from germs by the goodness of the rich ingredients used in each products.

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