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Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants

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Plants are nature’s greatest creations. They provide us food, fruit, oxygen, medicine and more. With another lockdown imposed in our country, we’ve spent the majority of the last year and a couple of months cooped up in the safe walls of our homes. Oxygen is the most important source of living, and we’ve never needed it more than we do today.

Plants and trees have been known to provide lots of oxygen and positive energy. So it is a very good idea indeed to decorate our homes with plants, not only for aesthetic purposes but for many reasons.

Plants control humidity in the air, which makes it less likely for us to develop viral infections. They have a natural cooling effect and people tend to be drawn to rooms where there are plants as it reduces anxiety, stress, anger and sadness as well as increase productivity. The simple addition of indoor plants removes pollutants caused by electrical equipment and everyday household items.

In this article I will be providing you with some attractive as well as beneficial indoor plants to make your homes and offices smell fresh and have you feeling rejuvenated.

Peace Lily

Known as NASA’s best cleansing indoor plant for removing common household toxins. They have large leaves and the flowers are white, yellow or green. They don’t require much water or light to survive, once a week is sufficient. This houseplant however can be toxic to pets if ingested along with skin irritation, so choose wisely. Source:

Weeping Fig

This plant is part of the Ficus family, a hardy air purifying indoor plant which is long lasting as well as low maintenance. It can grow to a full tree with a light gray bark.

With dark green smooth small leaves, this plant helps combat pollutants generated by carpets, furniture and curtains. Tall plants best suited in the corner of a room, supported by a heavy pot.


This indoor plant is a pretty one. It comes along with blossoms of magenta flowers that make any part of your home brighten up with its vibrancy.

Should not be exposed to direct sunlight, these plants prefer a cooler naturally lit atmosphere, so somewhere close to your windows but not allowing the rays to hit the plant will be ideal. Source:


We all know the benefits of bamboo. In Japan, it is widely considered a symbol of luck and fortune. It also symbolises harmony and balance in one’s life. Given as a housewarming gift, it is said to bring good health to the recipient.

Besides the philosophical perspective, the palm is a hardy plant which needs to be put in an area where there is good circulation. It is nontoxic even for pets therefore is a safe and effective option. It filters benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

Indian Basil

Locally known as Tulsi, this plant holds a lot of religious significance in our culture. Not only is it considered among the best air purifying plants, it also has medicinal properties. Direct sunlight and regular watering will keep this delicate plant working to its maximum potential. Source:

Money Plant

Professionally known as Devil’s Ivy, these are very common and found in plenty in a lot of homes. They come in many varieties, all of them equally beneficial to eliminating toxins in the air. The most common is the big green leaves with white or yellow variegation. Works in aquariums as well as outside. Low maintenance but loves sunlight. Source:

Aloe Vera

Not just for skincare and consumption purposes, this all rounder plant is very effective in your home. Part of the succulent species, it is a stemless plant with thick fleshy green leaves. Since it is short and easy to grow and maintain, it’s most suitable in a small pot as it isn’t very heavy, maybe on a coffee table or work desk.  Source:


Last on the list but certainly not the least interesting, these are more flowers than a plant. They’re ranked the highest for air purification and known to eliminate toxins and ammonia. A very attractive large flower, it’s covered with layers of florets making it look unique.

And available in many colours, though usually yellow, white or red. It requires watering to keep the soil moist, besides that quite low maintenance and the flowers have a delightful fragrance. They are toxic to cats and dogs, so be wary. Source:

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