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Best 7 Hot Water bag in India

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In India, people prefer the use of a hot water bag as it was handy, easily available, and at an affordable price and not everyone was capable of buying expensive stuff like an electric blanket.

There are two types of electric hot water bag available in India. One of them are filled with gel while others can be filled with water. The ones which are filled with gel come filled with a heating element that heats the gel as and when it is connected to the electricity.

The gel gets heated quickly and the gel has a high heat dissipation. This can stay heated for longer and the bags are puncture-proof as well.

Best 7 Hot Water bag in India -2021

1.Asbob® Hot Water Bag Non-Electrical for Pain Relief:- 

This is a part of the Asbob Healthcare product line and comes with a new leak-proof design. The quality of this hot water bag has been good and it is durable. This water bag can help you to take care of your pain and aches. It is great for treating any muscular pain, muscle pull, backaches, rheumatic pain, and menstrual pain.


  • It features a leak-proof design.
  • It is perfect for muscular pain, muscle pulls, aches, and menstrual pain.
  • It has a ribbed pattern .

The product is available on Amazon. The link is given below:-

2.Force24 Transparent Hot Water Bag for Pain Relief:-

Force24 is transparent hot water bag. This hot water bag is quite useful and can be used in multiple ways.It comes in multiple color. It is perfect for treating muscular pain, stress relief, stomach pain, menstrual pain, backaches, and allows your body to relax completely. You can also use this one to treat arthritic and rheumatic pain. It is advised that you should fill the bottle only till 2/3rd for the best results.


  • It comes in vibrant colors.
  • It is made of PVC material.
  • It is good  for muscular pain and stress relaxation.

The product is available on Amazon. The link is given below:-

3.Piesome heating bag, hot water bags for pain relief:-

This hot water bag comes with assorted design and color. A one-time charge of 5 to 10 minutes gives over 120 minutes of usage. It acts as a perfect tool to get instant relief from pain, muscle injury, arthritis, sore neck,hypothermia, menstrual cramps, and pains.


  • Portable
  • Assorted design and color
  • It requires 5 to 10 minutes to heat up.

The link is given below:-

4.WIDEWINGS Electric Hot Water Bag:-

It can be easily heated by the use of electricity and takes merely 7 to 12 minutes to heat up fully. This heating pad gives over 2 hours of usage.It works great for arthritis, backache, cramps, muscular pains, knee pain, hypothermia, muscular pain.


  • It comes with electric charging.
  • It is portable to use.
  • It comes in vibrant colors and patterns.

The product is available on Amazon. The link is given below:-

5.Care Plus Latex S L Tyagi Hot Water Bag:-

This hot water bag is made of a high-quality hot water bag that is durable and leak proof. It comes in a variety of color. It can be used by adults, elderly people, and even the athletes.


  • It is made out of high-quality.
  • It is perfect for adults, elderly and even athletes.
  • It is durable.

The product is available on Amazon. The link is given below:-

6.Unity Brand™heating bag, hot water bags for pain relief:-

It also has an automatic cut-off which prevents it from overheatingheating bag has assorted color This bag has assorted colors. The bag is made of high-quality material, making it a durable piece. It works great for muscular pain, spasm, aches, arthritic, rheumatic pain, menstrual pain and so on.


  • It is portable
  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • It takes 10 minutes to heat up.

The product is available on Amazon. The link is given below:-

7.AMAZHEAL Hot Bag, Heating Bag:-

This water bag comes pre-filled with gel.This water bag is portable. It is perfect for treating joint pain, back pain, aches, inflammation, swelling, menstrual pain, cramps and more.


  • Is an electrical-based hot water bag.
  • It requires just 5 to 10 minutes to charge it fully.
  • It has an automatic cut off to prevent overcharging and any damages.

The product is available on Amazon. The link is given below:-

Top Brands  For Best Water Hot bags in India

Water hot bags are widely used as a heat therapy to alleviate pain, discomforts and cramps. This method started in traditional times and is still popularly used because of its effectiveness. If you haven’t tried hot water bags until now or  you are confused about the brands, here are a list of best water hot bags in India.

  1. Piesome hot water bag
  2. Force 24 Transparent hot water bag
  3. RYLAN hot water bag
  4. Duckback hot water bag
  5. Herdem hot water bag
  6. Shayonam hot water bag
  7. Lumony hot water bag
  8. Asbob hot water bag

Types of Hot Water Bags

There are different types of hot water bags found in the market, but basically there are two kinds that is normal hot water bag and the electric ones.

  •  The standard hot water bag: This is the basic traditional model that comes with a stopper to prevent leakage. It can hold up to 2500ml of water.
  • The U shaped hot water bag: This kind is made to be applied on the neck and can carry 1400ml of water.
  • The long hot water bag: This hot water bag is long so that it can cover areas as long as 90cm. It has the capacity of 2600ml and it has a multiple usage.
  • The Hand-warmer bag: They are similar to the standard ones but it includes two pockets to put your hands.
  • The hot water bag with belt: As the name suggests, they are designed like belts to use it around your waist or shoulders. It will make you feel comfortable especially in cold days.
  • The electric gel based hot bag: This heat bags comes with a gel that needs to be heated inside the bag. This gel bag is rechargeable and you have to plug in to electricity and leave the gel to get heated.
  •  The hot water-based bag: This is one of the famous type. You only need to fill in cold water and after 5 minutes of plugging, the water inside becomes hot and ready to use. It comes with an auto-cut technique which automatically cuts the electricity supply when sufficiently heated.
  • The wearable hot water bag: This is one of the best design as it contains a number of features. It can remain warm for 6 hours and helps you feel relaxed.

What is Organic shampoo?

Organic shampoo is made up of natural plant extracts and oils as ingredients. They are devoid of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Chemicals are hash and are harmful to your skin. There are a number of recipes used in different organic shampoos.

Just as every normal shampoo, this organic shampoo also comes in a variety of flavours for ensuring different purposes. Plant oils, jojoba oil, geranium, argon oil, organic green tea, aloe, chamomile, organic honey, olive etc.. are some such organic ingredients used in making of organic shampoos.

Advantages of Organic Shampoos

Most of us are used to the chemical shampoos and we continue using these products unaware of the harmful effects it has yielded on us for all these years. There might be so many conflicts between traditional and modern changes but you might also have considered the benefits the organic products offer in order to arrive at a conclusion

  • Locks Moisture

Nowadays, most of us regularly go for hair treatments to restore our damaged hair. Most often, the hair strands become too dry and causing split ends and give rough texture. You might have not known this, but chemical shampoos even though gets rid of the dirt and oils they also leave you hair strands brittle and dry. Though conditioners make the situation better to some extent, Organic shampoos lock moisture and don’t let your hair dry.

  • No Chemicals

It’s nearly impossible to not find chemicals in any products we use. It’s essential to get away with chemicals as far we can as some chemicals are too harsh and are capable of bringing side effects. They can damage your hair, irritate your eyes and cause serious problems. Make sure your shampoos don’t include parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Propylene Glyco, Acidamide etc..

  • PH Balance

Your hair and scalp do possess a certain amount of acids in themselves. Your products should never disrupt the natural alkaline level. Organic shampoos don’t interfere with this balance but it’s not the case with chemical shampoos.

  • Beneficial Ingredients

Organic shampoos commonly use certain natural products that are not only safe but are very good beneficiaries to your hair. Here are some examples of the usual ingredients that are found in the organic shampoos- Tea tree reduces scalp irritation and prevents dandruff and most importantly they have antiseptic properties. Aloe vera improves hydration and promotes healthy hair growth and beyond that it also gives a good texture to your hair.

  • Side-effects

The best thing about natural and organic products is they are all safe and doesn’t cause irritation, allergies or any harmful side effects, unlike chemical shampoos.

FAQs related Hot Water bag

Which type of hot water bag is the best, electric or non electric?

Both electric and non electric types have their own pros and cons. The standard water bag is simple to use and they are flexible. It also remains warm for a longer period of time provided the cost is also comparatively low. But unlike the electric hot water bag, they don’t inform you about the water’s temperature. The electric hot bag gets heated within 5 minutes and has many advanced features. They also come with an auto-cut feature and hence you don’t have to any disadvantages or threats either. Electric water bags are the best as they are more advanced.

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