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Best 500 Watt Solar Panel Price in India

As India is evolving with the shift from producing energy from coal and petroleum to a renewable source of energy that is sunlight. Investing in rooftop solutions leads to greater savings as well as protection of the environment. Best 7 products brings to you best rooftop solutions in 500 what category.

500 watt Luminous solar system


  • Its prices 80,396.
  • It comes with the GI structure including complete accessories.
  • The cost 80,396 includes transportation, installation as well as GST hence it is worth the price.
  • This solar panel can take up to 600 Watt load it requires approximately 6 square meters of area.
  • Transportation in Delhi NCR only.
  • Its brand name is luminous solar.
  • The model is LUM 160 Watt.
  • The solar panel type is polycrystalline.
  • The company provides about 25 years of warranty.
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URJA – 500 Watt Solar Roof Top System


  • Its brand name is urja.
  • It can take about 500 Watt load.
  • Installing Urja solar rooftop panels allows you to save about ₹27,000 per year.
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500 Watt 12V Solar Panel


  • Surprise is ₹7500. Next time it has about 500 Watt I know she told stop next time it’s operating nominal voltage is 12Bolt will stop
  • The number of cells is 36.
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Elecssol 500Watt Solar Panel


  • Its rating is 3 stars.
  • It is high efficiency  comes with crystalline solar cells.
  • Its cost is ₹2200.
  • It has 10 days returnable policy from stop
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EF ECOFLOW River 412 Portable Power Station Generator 412Wh 114000mAh High Capacity 500W


  • Its rating is 3 stars.
  • The company assures its performance with best in class quality panels, it also gives a full refund against defect.
  •  it gives about 20 to 23  percent energy conversion.
  • It is 100% save portable power supply generator will stop
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Renogy 500 Watt 12 Volt Solar Premium Kit w/ 5 Pcs 500W Solar Panel


  • It’s  solar efficiency is 18.4%.
  • The kit includes 40 a commander charge controller as well.
  •  it comes with a solar cable as well as solar fuse, mounting Z brackets mount.
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ECO-WORTHY 500 Watts Complete Solar Kit Off-Grid: 5pcs 100W Mono Solar Panel Module


  • This kit includes five pieces of 100 Watt polycrystalline solar panels along with 30 amp solar charge controller, 32 feet 12A WG solar cable.
  • It’s ideal output is 2500 W edge per day.
  • Its brand name is eco worthy.
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You can also visit the following website to know in detail about 500 Watt solar panels, or in general about the solar panels.

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