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Best 500 Watt Solar Panel Price in India – 2023

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As India is evolving with the shift from producing energy from coal and petroleum to a renewable source of energy that is sunlight. Investing in rooftop solutions leads to greater savings as well as protection of the environment. Best 7 products brings to you best rooftop solutions in 500 what category.

Best 500 Watt Solar Panel

500 watt Luminous solar system


  • Its prices 80,396.
  • It comes with the GI structure including complete accessories.
  • The cost 80,396 includes transportation, installation as well as GST hence it is worth the price.
  • This solar panel can take up to 600 Watt load it requires approximately 6 square meters of area.
  • Transportation in Delhi NCR only.
  • Its brand name is luminous solar.
  • The model is LUM 160 Watt.
  • The solar panel type is polycrystalline.
  • The company provides about 25 years of warranty.
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URJA – 500 Watt Solar Roof Top System


  • Its brand name is urja.
  • It can take about 500 Watt load.
  • Installing Urja solar rooftop panels allows you to save about ₹27,000 per year.
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500 Watt 12V Solar Panel


  • Surprise is ₹7500. Next time it has about 500 Watt I know she told stop next time it’s operating nominal voltage is 12Bolt will stop
  • The number of cells is 36.
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Elecssol 500Watt Solar Panel


  • Its rating is 3 stars.
  • It is high efficiency  comes with crystalline solar cells.
  • Its cost is ₹2200.
  • It has 10 days returnable policy from stop
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EF ECOFLOW River 412 Portable Power Station Generator 412Wh 114000mAh High Capacity 500W


  • Its rating is 3 stars.
  • The company assures its performance with best in class quality panels, it also gives a full refund against defect.
  •  it gives about 20 to 23  percent energy conversion.
  • It is 100% save portable power supply generator will stop
  • By on

Renogy 500 Watt 12 Volt Solar Premium Kit w/ 5 Pcs 500W Solar Panel


  • It’s  solar efficiency is 18.4%.
  • The kit includes 40 a commander charge controller as well.
  •  it comes with a solar cable as well as solar fuse, mounting Z brackets mount.
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ECO-WORTHY 500 Watts Complete Solar Kit Off-Grid: 5pcs 100W Mono Solar Panel Module


  • This kit includes five pieces of 100 Watt polycrystalline solar panels along with 30 amp solar charge controller, 32 feet 12A WG solar cable.
  • It’s ideal output is 2500 W edge per day.
  • Its brand name is eco worthy.
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You can also visit the following website to know in detail about 500 Watt solar panels, or in general about the solar panels.

How to Choose Best Solar Panel

If you are reading this, we can come to a conclusion that you probably know about solar panels and you have already decided to produce your own electricity through solar panels in your home.

But, before choosing one there are a few criteria and points that you may have to consider. Solar panels are a very good long-term investment and we urge you to read this blog to know how to choose the best solar panels that fulfil your needs and requirements perfectly.

  • Types of Solar Panels

There are basically three different types of solar panels. These differences exist based on the type of solar cells used. The three types are Monocrystalline solar panels, Polycrystalline solar panels and Thin-crystal solar panels.

  • Mono crystalline panel

These solar panels are made with single crystal silicon and has a uniform lattice structure. They are black in colour. The peculiar homogeneous structure helps the electrons to move efficiently and hence they are more efficient. They are comparatively  more efficient, occupies less space and has longer life span

  • Poly crystalline panels

These are dark blue in colour. It has a non-homogeneous structure with many crystal fusions. There is also very little space for the electrons to move and hence they are a little less efficient.  

  • Thin-film panels

This is a very appealing panel made by depositing semiconductor material upon a ceramic substrate. The special metals are applied as a thin layer like paint on the substrate. The cost is comparatively low but it occupies more space and it also degrades faster compared to the other types.

  • Size of the Solar Panels

Solar panels come basically in two different sizes. They are 60-cell and 72-cell panels. The larger size, that is 72-cell panels are good for placing in large wide spaces such as commercial roofs and ground mount systems. While a 60-cell panel is suited to fit in compact spaces. The 72-cell panels are more economical as they produce more electricity comparatively.

  • Efficiency

A normal solar panel efficiency ranges from 15% to 21%. Here, the efficiency would be defined by the ratio of solar energy that hits the surface of the panel to the electric energy produced. To have higher efficiency, more watts of electricity must be produced per square meter. The smaller solar panel that produces more electricity and that requires less space is the more efficient and ideal solar panel. The only disadvantage of this kind of product is its cost. They are a bit costlier than every other types.

  • Temperature coefficient

Since solar panels depend upon sunlight for it’s the source of energy, sometimes the cells are exposed to too much heat. When the temperature is too high, it might cause damage and the product’s efficiency will come down to a limited period of time. The temperature coefficient ranges from 0 and 0.5. The closer the coefficient value comes to 0, the higher the power output.

  • Installation place

Locate the solar panel towards the south to get maximum output since India is located in the norther hemisphere. You should tilt and adjust the solar panel as to make sunlight hit the panel at 90 degrees. Each season, the angle of incidence changes. Ensure the panels are not under constant shade as it reduces the effect. If the installed place has a greater temperature than the ambient temperature, the output again gets reduced.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

To start with the benefits, there might be plenty of conscious reasons you might already have in your mind. But, the benefits are not only linear and limited to the individual. By buying solar panels and other products based on renewable sources of energy, you are one step ahead to sustainable development. That’s way cooler than you think.

  • You can save a lot of money if you shift to solar panels. You only have to pay for your installation charges, but once you have bought, you will see a massive cut down in your monthly electricity bill.
  • It’s a secure future investment and it allows you to enjoy freedom from the dependency on centralized private or government grids.
  • As mentioned earlier, it would also be a contribution to the earth and out future generation. Solar power doesn’t produce any harm to the nature unlike the electricity that comes from fossil fuels.

Requirements to Setup 500 Watt Solar Panel

If you are wanting to save more money by setting up a 500 Watt Solar Panel, you will need a solar panel, wiring, charge controller, battery, and inverter. You also need an electrician to fix these unless you can do it on your own.

  • You can either have five 100 watt solar panel or two 250 watt solar panel to string together in your roof top
  • The charge controller is essential to control and only pass the ideal amount of energy to avoid any damage and ensure durability. A 30 AMP charge controller will be sufficient for 500 watt solar panel.
  • Choose Lithium-ion batteries over lead-acid battery as they have less weight and requires only less maintenance and will give a longer lifespan
  • The inverter determines the amount of continuous electricity that can be used. Your 500 watt solar panel would need minimum of 400 watt inverter or more.

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