Apple Watch Series 8 GPS 41mm : Features and reviews about it.

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Apple Watch Series 8 GPS 41mm was launched on 7 September 2022,It comes with Aluminum body,Available in Red,Midnight,Silver/White,Starlight colors.This watch is specially designed for your health monitoring.Your health tracking gets even better with the health monitoring sensors and supported app in it.You can check your ECG in it as well as check heart rate, blood oxygen level, body temperature You can monitor your menstrual cycle on your I phone with the help of temperature sensor .Also you get crash & fall detection, also tracks your sleep so that you get a better experience in your health monitoring.And even when you are sleeping, they monitor your health.

In this you get the support of wifi with 2.4GHz and bluetooth 5.0 so that you can connect to your i phone via bluetooth and wifi.Also you get GPS Support.In this watch you get lithium ion battery,With this watch you get a case, band, 1 magetic charger cable.Total weight of this device is 0.45kg.In this you get magnetic charging support, which gives you a different charging experience.Their display is always visible to you so that it looks like a moving analog clock, but it is not really a digital clock, it has a vibration system, which gives you a ticking sound often.

Also, you get power saving mode in this, so that you can save the battery to some extent, if we talk about their day time battery life, then it runs smoothly for 1 to 2 days.


  • Facility to track advance cycles like menstrual cycle.
  • Blood Oxygen Level can be measured with the help of its sensors.
  • Check Your ECG Whenever You Want.
  • Get notified when irregular activities occur.
  • Some additional security features like fall and crash detection as well as emergency SOS feature.
  • Wifi and bluetooth connectivity& GPS feature.
  • Connect to iphone and monitor your health.
  • Strong aluminum body.
  • Connectivity with I phone.
  • A Fantastic Wellness Monitoring Experience.
  • Long life battery.
  • GPS, Bluetooth,Wifi Connectivity.
  • Emergency facility like SoS,Fall Detection,Crash Detection.
  • Power Saving Mode For Battery Optimization.
  • Satellite call facility is not available.
  • Does not support in Android Device.
  • Family Support is not available.
  • Can connect close to Apple device either not.
  • This watch is a bit heavy.
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