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7 best Solar Panels to shop in India

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Solar energy is by far, the simplest use of natural resources humankind has developed. If utilized in the proper direction, it can save millions and many receding resources that are used for electricity and power generation.

People generally use solar panels where there’s not enough supply of electricity or the bills are too high and therefore the third one, we expect should be recognised by everyone, being conscious about the environment sources.

There are tons of technical belongings you got to confine mind before buying solar panels and, studying about them will probably offer you a thought about what to shop for and which brand to settle on .

A number of important factors to recollect are the ratings of product, power tolerance, manufacturer warranty, sort of panel to use, quality of the panel and lots of more. You ought to always choose a brand or panel which will provide you with maximum output of electricity and is additionally light on your pockets.

Regardless of the dimensions of industry or individuals, always attempt to use a solar array rather than other energy sources to chop down the carbon footprint on the environment. We’ve brought you 7 different solar panels that are the best according to us and most simplest choices within the market. Here is that the list of seven Best solar array to shop for in India:

Sukam solar array 100 Watt

Su-Kam solar array 100 watt is one among the foremost popular products during this area. Not just the merchandise , but the brand is additionally a number one name within the power generation industry. The panel features a 25 year manufacturer warranty that comes with a panel degradation of around 0.75% per annum .

This percentage is  the measure of decrease in generation of electricity per annum , which will subside at an equivalent rate per annum . The merchandise warranty is different from linear warranty and this panel features a product warranty of 5 years just in case of any hardware problems. The panel is formed from poly-crystalline silicon that provides an efficiency of just about 15%, that helps in producing an honest level of energy from the radiation .

the facility tolerance of the panels lies between -3% to +3% which will give electricity of around 100 Watts as mentioned, with a module voltage of 12 V. The hollow chamber frame is very rigid when it involves enduring high level of snow loads also as wind speeds. Overall, this is often an honest choice for panels within the market and you ought to definitely put this in your list of things .


• 25 years linear warranty

• Affordable in nature

• High mechanical tolerance

• Durable and rigid

Suncorp 100 Watt solar array

The Suncorp 100 watt solar array is another great product within the list due to its awesome features. The panels are made with polycrystalline silicon grade that creates them quite affordable in nature. Such grade panels do fall on the lower category of fabric, but still this product wouldn’t disappoint you in any way. The manufacturer warranty ranges between 10-25 years with minimal panel degradation expected annually. S

uch a warranty is different from the merchandise warranty and means the panel will produce energy efficiently for 25 years or less and then, the degree of production might vary greatly. The flexi tempered glass will shield it from any harmful injury. Beat all, this solar array may be a decent pick and if you’re planning on starting with the eco-friendly idea of fixing solar panels to get electricity, you would possibly want to begin with the foremost elementary product on the list.


• 10-25 years manufacturer warranty

• Affordable

• Flexi tempered glass for cover of glass

3. Techdelivers 1.8Watt solar array

Techdelivers 1.8 watt solar array is one such item within the list that’s mainly build for people that are into the sector of engineering or are pure hobbyists. But you’ll still use them in your houses for general use. The panel is formed from poly crystalline silicon that helps you generate power with the assistance of radiation. Since, this product is employed more for project purposes, no glass shield has been added thereto, it’s mainly employed by people to charge their DC batteries because the panel isn’t that powerful to get more energy, supported its specifications. They’re quite durable in nature due to its built. Overall, this product are often used for charging less powered things and may be a decent panel, mainly for recreational purposes and if you’re trying to find a significant project at your house or office or elsewhere, this won’t be the simplest choice for you.


• Durable in nature

• Best for projects and hobbyists

• Affordable in nature

4. Solodine Solar Panels

Solodine Solar Panels are an excellent choice for your little environmentally friendly projects and might just be an ideal fit. If you’re trying to find all the certifications to pick the simplest option, you’ve got come to the proper place as this product is ICE, ISO 9001 and MNRE approved, meaning that they’re reliable and sturdy when it involves performanceThese panels are build keeping in mind the tough weather , as they will bear wind speed, up to 2400 pa, also as heavy rains and snow up to 5400 pa, with the assistance of IP67 technology. Low power tolerance technology construction makes these panels do their job even in low sunlight, making it the apt choice.

The manufacturer’s warranty last for 25 years at the utmost capacity after which the generation of power might vary hugely in production. These also are crazy your budget due to their affordable nature. You won’t be disappointed with this feature and may buy this product with no worries.

The panels are made with Poly crystalline silicon grade material, which is low on the grade scale, but still an honest substitute for home and office use product. Overall, this product will end up to be an honest investment for you also because the environment because it will certainly leave a smaller carbon emission into the atmosphere.


• Durable

• Efficient in performance

• 25 years manufacturer warranty

• Produce 325 watt current

5) The Luminous 160 watt solar array

It may be a new addition to the list thanks to its amazing performance and the durability it shows.

It provides 25 years of linear warranty for displaying the extent of dedication to its game.

The production of energy per annum might still be affected due to panel degradation, and after the 25 year gap, it will vary greatly if not taken care of.

This product is costly as compared to other similar brands, but it definitely does the work that it promises therefore the extra expenditure makes up for the performance.

Its frame is sturdy and powerful made of light-weight aluminium that contains high resistance to strong winds and heavy snow.

The panels are measured and constructed in such a way that it can function even in low light.

The modules of the panel are shielded properly with the assistance of advanced EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) encapsulation.

Panels have also been coated with Anti-reflective coating including back surface (BSF) that helps them reflect more radiation than usual and thereby creating more electricity.

These features make this product very fashionable among people and may be a great choice, if you’re willing to spend some extra bucks for increased rate of return.


• 25 years of warranty

• Can bear strong winds and snow loads

• Function even in low light

• Anti-reflective coating for better performance

6) Suncorp 150 Watt solar array

The Suncorp 150 watt solar array is analogous to the 100 watt panel and is additionally an excellent product within the list thanks to its amazing features. The panels are made with poly crystalline silicon grade that creates them quite affordable in nature. This grade material surely falls on the lower category of the list, but still it might not disappoint you in any way. The manufacturer warranty is guaranteed at 25 years, with minimal panel degradation expected annually .

Manufacturer’s warranty is taken into account different in terms of solar panels when comparing to product warranty and means the panel will produce energy efficiently for 25 years or less and then , the degree of production might vary greatly. The glass is flexi tempered to guard the panels from any harmful injury.

All in all, this solar array may be a decent pick and if you’re planning on generating more energy than its lower version and initiating a greener movement to guard the environment, then you would possibly want to start out with the upgraded version of a well-liked company within the industry.


  • 10-25 years manufacturer warranty
  • Affordable
  • Flexi tempered glass for cover of glass


One of the foremost rewarding and energy efficient and abundant source of resource is solar power . you’d definitely feel closer to nature by applying such alternative to production of electricity at your houses or offices or anywhere you are feeling like. Its main job to offer an honest performance in its active life for enhancing the thought .

There are many great choices when it involves solar panels which may create confusion in your minds. Hence, we’ve brought the above list for you and reviewed the products also , to offer you a far better idea of what to get and what to not purchase. Be happy to require some time and analyse the simplest panel as per your preference and provides it a go.

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