5G On IPhones To “Soon” Arrive In India

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India experienced its big moment earlier this month when 5G services were formally launched. The 5G network is currently not supported by iPhones with 5G connection in India, despite Airtel and Jio having it operational in a few select locations.

Apple will release a software update soon that will enable 5G capability for compatible iPhones. According to Apple, it has been actively working with Indian carriers (network providers) to evaluate and test the reliability and effectiveness of 5G network.

As per an official announcement from Apple, “5G will be activated through a software update and will begin rolling out to iPhone owners in December.”

5G Testing for the customers of Apple

Customers of Apple Airtel and Jio who take part in the iOS 16 Beta software programme will be able to test out 5G before it is made available to the general public in December, as per Apple. Before the software is made accessible to the general public, users can test out pre-release versions and use the newest features thanks to the Beta program.

To access the most recent public betas and future updates, such as the 5G beta that will be made accessible to Airtel and Jio users starting coming weeks, a user simply enrol their iPhone in the Apple Beta Software Program. The major smartphone manufacturing giants are attempting to make 5G available on their products as India introduces 5G gradually, beginning with major metro areas.

Users of the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE (third version) devices will soon have access to a 5G software upgrade.

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